Saturday, 24 September 2011

What are Parabens and why use Paraben-free skincare?

So, what’s all this talk about Parabens?

It’s quite shocking how many skin care products still contain Parabens, even though they might claim to be “pure” or to contain a percentage of “natural” ingredients. Parabens are synthetic chemical preservatives mainly used to increase the shelf life of skin care products and toiletries such as moisturisers, make-up, tanning lotions, deodorants, shampoos, bubble bath, toothpastes and shaving gels. They're even found in some processed foods.

Parabens are really cheap – that’s why they are used in 75-90% of skincare products. I used face creams and shampoos containing Parabens when I was younger, because I had no idea in those days that they might damage my health. It has been discovered in recent years that Parabens are harmful toxins, suspected of having potentially carcinogenic (cancer causing) effects because they can mimic the female hormone, Oestrogen.

When Parabens are applied to the skin, they are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. This extra, unwanted Oestrogen can wreak havoc on the body's natural equilibrium, sometimes resulting in weight gain, depression, mood swings, fluid retention, premature ageing and, allegedly, even breast cancer. Around 90% of breast tumours have been found to contain Parabens, although this presence has not yet been directly linked to the use of products that contain Parabens. Pretty scary stuff, though.

When reading the labels on skincare products, look out for Methylparaben, Butylparaben, Ethylparaben and Propylparaben in the ingredients – these are the most common types of Parabens and, in my opinion, they should be completely avoided. Applying skincare products which contain Parabens is literally feeding potentially dangerous toxins into your body. Why would anyone choose to do that when there are safe, natural, more effective alternatives available?

Look out for skin care products that say “Paraben-free” on the label. Thea Skincare products are all Paraben-free and promote supple, healthy skin. What’s more, they contain the finest natural and organic skincare ingredients - such as Shea Butter, Green Tea, Lavender and Aloe Vera - that have a naturally long shelf-life. Everything your skin needs to be healthy and to flourish can be found in nature – there’s really no need for Parabens. Try out our deeply nutritious natural moisturizers to see how great Paraben free skincare products feel on your skin. You’ll never look back!

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