Sunday, 29 January 2012

Some Honest Natural Skincare Reviews of Thea Skincare

All companies will tell you that their products are the best. Here at Thea Skincare though, we truly believe that ours are the best natural skincare products on the market. That is why we regularly send out samples to health and beauty bloggers around the world who write honest, unbiased reviews to let the their readers know what they really think of our products.

Here are just a few of the recent comments that bloggers have written after trialling Thea Skincare natural beauty products. We never pay bloggers to write us good reviews, these words are entirely their own opinions. To read the full review, simply click on the blog name.

Super Nourish range - for dry skin and eczema

I am really impressed, it is a rich body butter but it absorbs well and leaves my skin feeling super soft and moisturised. I particularly like using it on my hands." (Natural & FreeFrom Beauty Blog)

Click to view the full Super Nourish skincare range for dry skin and eczema

Rebalance range - for acne, spots and oily skin

" skin broke out with awful eczema and it became quite useful having this little pot of cream. It's worked wonders on my dry patches and now they have practically disappeared. The foaming face cleanser I simply LOVE! ...Both were lightly scented and overall I was really impressed with the products I got to try. Would I buy them again? I would without doubt purchase the cleanser again..." (Beauty and Beyond)

"The cleanser claims to unblock pores and after a few days, I have already noticed the results. The thick moisturiser is also keeping my skin hydrated. The dry patches around my nose have healed up and feel smooth again." (Delicious and Nuts)

The cleanser... has a beautiful sweet smell (floral perhaps?) which I absolutely adore. It is very easily washed off unlike oily cleansers which require a lot of rubbing and... it doesn't sting my eyes at all. I am left with a completely cleansed face without the natural oils stripped from my skin... The Clarity Creme Face Moisturiser was a lifesaver as it cooled down my skin and reduced the soreness and also kept my skin moisturised, hydrated and soft without making it greasy... Even though the consistency is a thick cream, it isn't greasy at all, it is absorbed really well and it didn't give me any blemishes... Overall, I love these products. They're not fussy with packaging and fragrances and clearly focus on making products that work great. I think from what I've tried from this range so far, it is very good quality and one of the best natural skincare ranges I've tried." (Eden Angels)

Click to view the full Rebalance skincare range for oily skin and spots

"The moisturiser has a nice consistency, not thin and runny but not so thick you have to spend ages massaging it in... I was also really impressed with how my foundation applied, I was able to skip primer if I wanted and it lasted all day... I must say that I was really surprised by the price, most organic and natural skincare brands are a lot more expensive, so this is great for those that would like to go more natural with their skincare but thought it would be too costly." (Mmm... Makeup!)
Click to view the full Natural Harmony skincare range for normal and comination skin

Face Renew System range - for dull skin

"I loved the creme moisturiser. It was a very smooth formula and left my skin feeling silky smooth. It smelt lovely and fresh, with a minty scent. The fruit enzyme cleanser is a creamy smooth balm. It left my skin feeling very hydrated, and clean and fresh. The creme exfoliator is also very creamy and not harsh on my skin. It is gentle and has a good smooth texture, and it left my skin feeling renewed.All of the products smelt really nice and fresh. My skin afterwards felt instantly brighter, and it was left really soft and feeling very clean. I love this range and would really recommend these products." (Victoria'sVintage)

"Unlike other harsh cleansers, Thea Skincare left my skin very soft and hydrated. After using (the exfoliator) I did notice that my pores were smaller and my skin seemed to come alive again... Last but definitely not least, I applied the best moisturizer I have ever used to date... This product really works" (BuzzBeauty)

Click to view the full Face Renew System skin brightening skincare range

Age Revival range - for fine lines and wrinkles
"The Creme itself is quite liquidy, almost like a lotion in texture. But it’s really rich and moisturising – I was quite surprised just how long the effects lasted considering how light it feels... I rather loved the richness and the shiny glow it gave to my skin." (Natural Beauty Cabinet)

Click to view the full Age Revival skincare range for mature skin

If you are a beauty blogger and would like to review a free sample of our natural and organic skincare range, simply contact us and we'll be happy to send you one.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Win a Skin Brightening Starter Kit

Up For Grabs - Win This 100% Natural Face Renew System Starter Kit

We've teamed up with the leading online beauty directory for the UK and Ireland, Beauty Finder, to bring you this exclusive competition to win a Face Renew System starter kit!

Made with natural fruit enzymes, these 100% natural skincare products are very luxurious with a delicious fruity scent that will leave your skin bright, clear and smelling great.

The competition ends soon so if you want to be in with a chance of winning, head over to the Beauty Finder Facebook page quickly and follow the instructions to enter.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

FREE anti-aging eye serum with orders over £50

New In Store: Purify & Renew Eye Serum

We've just launched a fantastic new product! The all new Purify & Renew Eye Serum is a natural and organic eye cream that is the perfect addition to your January skincare detox. This highly concentrated eye serum is packed full of natural ingredients that have wonderful anti-aging properties, such as Rooibos tea which is a rare but powerful antioxidant that actively slows down the aging process whilst regenerating the skin and protecting it from free radicals. DMAE, a natural B-vitamin derivative, reduces sagging for a more toned, youthful complextion. This amazing anti-aging eye serum also contains organic sulphur to strengthen the delicate skin around the eyes, jojoba to re-plump the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, plus other equally brilliant anti-aging ingredients!

To celebrate the launch of this new anti-aging eye cream we are giving you a full-sized one to try out ABSOLUTELY FREE when you spend £50 or more online with us right now. This is a limited time offer so make sure you get your free eye cream before it's too late!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

How To Detox - Thea's Top 5 Skincare Detox Tips

 How To Detox

It's well known that January is the most popular time of the year to detox. This can include eating healthily, quitting smoking and drinking more water, all of which have great benefits for the skin. However, don't forget that what you put on your skin counts too - creams, lotions and serums are all absorbed into the skin, feeding it from the outside rather than the inside, so the best way to cleanse and detox the skin is to ensure you're using only 100% natural products. Or, to put it another way, if you wouldn't eat it, don't put it on your skin!

Thea Skincare products are all 100% natural and enriched with a high organic content. They are completely chemical free and Paraben free, formulated instead from a range of natural, botanical ingredients such as plant oils and extracts to ensure that they have nothing but benefits for your skin. If you're wondering how to detox your skin, check out my top 5 detox tips and products below for wonderfully cleansed, purified skin this January.

Special Offer
All products in this article are 10% off for a limited time only!

Detox Tip Number 1
Use a Face Mask Regularly

A weekly detox face mask is essential for truly cleansed skin. Our Green Algae and Comfrey Detox Powder Mask is the ultimate detox face mask. Ideal for sufferers of acne and oily skin, it works to deeply cleanse and purify the skin, drawing out impurities and leaving you with a fresh, clear complextion. Mix it with a variety of natural liquids such as water, yoghurt, olive oil or even puréed avocado for a different detox face mask every time!
Green Algae & Comfrey Detox Powder Mask, £17.95 (50g)

Detox Tip Number 2
Cleanse Your Skin Well

Every day toxins and impurities in the atmosphere build up on our skin's surface, leading to a dull complexion as well as skincare conditions such as acne and spots. It is therefore essential to use a good cleanser on a daily basis that rids your skin of these impurities - think of it as a mini daily detox! Our Age Revival Detox Face Cleanser will not only deeply clean and detox but it also contains a powerful blend of age-defying antioxidants for smoother, more supple skin.
Age Revival Detox Face Cleanser, £14.35 (100ml)

Detox Tip Number 3
Follow With A Natural Moisturiser

After cleansing, don't forget to moisturise to rehydrate and nourish the skin. Our Aloe & Vitamin C Replenishing Face Cream is an unashamedly rich, creamy formulation that will detox the skin as it hydrates and soothes. It also protects the skin from harmful free radicals, making it the ultimate detox moisturiser!

Super Nourish Aloe & Vitamin C Replenishing Face Crème, £26.95 (50ml)

Detox Tip Number 4
Take Extra Care of the Delicate Skin Around the Eyes

The thin layer of delicate skin around your eyes is more prone to early wrinkles, so you need to take extra steps to ensure that the fine layer of skin here is in tip-top condition. Our Purify & Renew Eye Serum is a highly-concentrated blend of antioxidants and plant oils that does exactly what it says on the tin - it purifies the skin and regenerates skin cells to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is the ultimate luxury detox treat for your eyes!
Purify & Renew Eye Serum, £11.65 (10ml)
Detox Tip Number 5
Don't Forget About Your Body!

Just like the skin on your face, the skin on your body needs a some TLC every now and again to stay in good condition. To cleanse and detox your body from the outside-in, start with a purifying and exfoliating scrub such as our Rebalance Fruit & Spice Purifying Body Scrub. This is an especially great choice if you suffer from acne or oily skin on the body as it will deeply cleanse and detox the skin whilst rebalancing natural sebum levels for soft, smooth and above all clear skin. Follow with a rich, nourishing moisturiser such as our Age Revival Rooibos Shea Body Crème that hydrates the skin and restores elasticity. The rare but powerful ingredient Rooibos tea is an extraordinary antioxidant, making this the perfect end to your skincare detox!

Rebalance Fruit & Spice Purifying Body Scrub, £14.95 (200g) 
Age Revival Rooibos Shea Body Crème, £17.95 (200ml)

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Win a 100% natural skincare hamper worth £120


We've teamed up with Tunza Spirit Magazine to give one lucky person a free gift hamper filled with a selection of 100% natural, organic skincare products. To enter this fantastic competition, simply register with the Tunza Spirit Magazine this January - the winner will be announced in their February issue. Click here to visit Tunza Spirit now.

Ladies First Gives Our Skin Brightening Skincare Range 5/5

Ladies First, the top Welsh women's magazine since 1986, recently reviewed our popular Face Renew System range, a collection of 100% natural skin brightening products suitable for all skin types. Tester Rhiann Cheshire gave the range a definite 5 out of 5 - click here to read her full review and see just why she loved our skin brightening skincare range so much!

Friday, 13 January 2012

The Best Natural, Anti Aging Eye Cream For Wrinkles & Dark Circles

Our 100% natural, anti aging eye creams work to treat wrinkles and remove dark circles under eyes

The thin layer of skin around the eyes is one of the most delicate areas of the body so it's not surprising that this is often one of the first areas where fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear as we age. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most sensitive and easily-irritated areas of skin which can make treating wrinkles around the eyes quite difficult. Luckily, here at Thea Skincare we've developed two 100% natural anti aging eye creams - scientifically formulated using only natural and organic ingredients such as aloe and algae, our anti aging eye cream and eye serum work just as well as their chemical-laden counterparts but without the nasty side effects!

Special Offer!
Buy the two items below for just £16.95 for a limited time only, saving £7.95!

Age Revival Uplifting Eye Cream, £11.95, for Wrinkles Around The Eyes

This luxurious eye firming cream is one of the top eye creams on the market right now, with it's combination of natural hyaluronic acid to firm and hydrate the skin, organic blue green algae to actively repair and retexture the skin, eliminating wrinkles around the eyes, and organic pomegranate to reduce puffy eye bags. It also contains a host of other natural ingredients such as the powerful antioxidant Rooibos tea and the highly moisturising jojoba oil, to effectively treat wrinkles around the eyes for firmer, younger looking skin.

Purify & Renew Eye Serum, £12.95, for Dark Circles Under Eyes

The perfect companion to the anti aging eye cream above, this highly concentrated serum contains DMAE, a natural B vitamin proven to reduce sagging and stimulate new cell growth, plus MSM (organic sulphur) that strengthens the delicate skin around the eyes. A combination of aloe juice, jojoba oil, Rooibos tea and Vitaimin E works together to improve circulation and regenerate skin cells, reducing dark circles under the eyes. Apply a small amount to the eyes morning and night, then pop our Anti Aging Eye Cream over the top and you'll have brighter, more youthful skin in no time!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Online Skincare Clinic - Advice & Tips for Problem Skin

Have you visited our Online Skincare Clinic yet? It's a free service that helps you to identify your skin type and then find personalised advice, tips and product recommendations to suit you. Perfect for sufferers of problem skin such as acne, spots, oily skin, dry skin, eczema, wrinkles or any other condition that you may have, our Online Skincare Clinic ensures that you are caring for your skin in the best possible way and using products that are going to alleviate, not aggravate, your symptoms.

Click here to view all skin types if you are unsure which is yours or, if you know your skin type already, follow the links below to find personalised skincare tips and advice now...

Acne & Blemished Skin - information, advice and tips to get rid of acne, spots and pimples

Dry Skin - information, advice and tips to get rid of very dry, flaky, dehydrated skin

Normal & Combination Skin - information, advice and tips on caring for normal skin or combination skin such as an oily T-zone

Oily & Prone Skin - information, advice and tips to treat very oily skin, blackheads and spots

Premature Aging - information, advice and tips to get rid of fine lines and dry skin, plus treat broken capillaries

Sensitive Skin - information, advice and tips on caring for sensitive skin that is easily irritated

Wrinkles & Sagging - information, advice and tips to get rid of wrinkles naturally and to retexture and tone sagging skin

Friday, 6 January 2012

January Special Offers on Natural Skincare

This trio of natural skincare products was £19.95, now just £14.95


We have a range of lovely offers on our 100% natural, organic skincare range to celebrate the new year. There's up to £5 off a variety of two and three piece skincare sets. See our top picks below or view all of our current special offers here.

This 100% natural nourishing hand and foot duo keeps dry, chapped skin away for beautifully soft, smooth skin during the cold winter months. Not to mention it's currently reduced to just £14.95!

Do you have fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes? Or do you suffer from dry, tired eyes? Our 100% natural eye-care trio includes soothing eye make-up remover, a purifying and renewing eye serum and a wonderful anti-aging uplifting eye cream. Right now it's on offer at only £19.95!