Monday, 26 September 2011

Skincare for Healthy, Clear Skin

What is Clear Skin?

I've often wondered what people mean when they say "I want to have clear skin".
Do I have clear skin?
She wants her skin to be clear?
The problem is I don't have clear skin!?

I've been thinking about the words 'clear skin' and have been trying to interpret what I think it means. My first reaction was to ask as many people as I know - family, friends, colleagues and even my kids - what they understand 'clear skin' to mean. My friend Jo told me, "I want my skin to be clear of spots". Jo has a long suffering breakout problem and she said it was a small miracle when she discovered Thea Skincare - she now uses the Thea Skincare Clarity Foaming Face Cleanser and Thea Skincare Clarity Creme Moisturiser and recently told me that she has not had one spot in three weeks!

I couldn't relate to this because I am lucky enough not to have this problem of regular spot breakouts, so I struggled at first to see why she was so excited about her spots being 'under control'! I do know now and I am delighted to see how happy she was with her new found, spot-free skin.

Another friend of mine had a different concern. Mary's idea of 'clear skin' would be to have skin which is not dry and flaky. Until recently, she had very dry skin and I have to admit also quite a few wrinkles. Mary wants 'clear skin', i.e. skin without any dry patches.

Ruby on the other hand wants 'clear skin' that holds back time - it has to be wrinkle free and not dull or sluggish. She wants skin that makes her look much younger. Ruby wants to have anti-ageing products with, as she puts it, "lots of those antioxidants which make you look younger". So, her idea of 'clear skin' is having less wrinkles, reduced age spots and blemish-free, vibrant skin.

Then there's me – what is my view of 'clear skin'? I want my skin to be blemish free at all times, in all weather conditions, wherever I am! I hate the thought of having a spot breakout. I want an even skin tone and silky smooth skin, not just on my face but also on my body, and to be honest, I really do not want to work too hard to achieve this either. I have a busy lifestyle, hence I have a regular skincare routine that is not complicated and does not involve many different steps. It is based on organic skincare products with natural ingredients which are always paraben free (see my recent blog post to find out why parabens are so dangerous for your health!)

Thea, founder of Thea Skincare

So, here's my simple morning routine:
And here is my evening routine:
And then there's my monthly treat:
That's it – and my skin gets better as I get older.

Best wishes
Thea XX

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