Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Why are Natural Anti Aging Products Better than Botox?

When it comes to natural versus chemical, I have this discussion with my girlfriends all the time. Some, like me, have never had Botox whilst others have had this type of treatment. I've heard both sides of the story and seen the results, and I would always opt for a natural anti aging product over botox.

So, why do I think natural skincare is better than Botox?

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There's no doubt in my mind that using natural anti aging products protects the skin and makes it glow with health and a youthful vitality. I've never had a botox treatment before, but some of my friends have and they still worry about wrinkles and fine lines around the face.

Botox is a bacteria that's injected into the area that wants to be treated. One of my friends has spent thousands of pounds on this treatment and to be honest she looks no better than someone who's used  natural anti aging products at a fraction of the costs.

It's all in the name - they're natural products that hold back the years and can even make you look more than 10 years younger if used regularly as part of your daily skincare routine.

Why? Simply put, an anti aging cleanser or moisturiser will contain high levels of antioxidants that stop the nasty free radicals in the environment from attacking your normal skin cells, which causes pre-mature ageing.

Thea Skincare products are 100% natural and organically enriched, plus they're also enriched with vitamins such as Vitamins C and E, which I love in skincare products. These two vitamins not only fight free radicals but also deeply nourish and hydrate the skin.

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Natural anti aging products have high levels of antioxidants such as Rooibos, Green and White tea which actively slow down the ageing process and have excellent rejuvenating properties, to give you younger looking skin that is radiant and beautiful. The Thea Skincare Age Revival range is a collection of natural anti aging products that combat the effects of premature ageing and fight off the free radicals that cause it. The ingredients are 100% natural and produce excellent, skin-enhancing results for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

All Thea Skincare anti aging products have high levels of antioxidants such as the Age Revival UpliftingFace Crème which contains the super antioxidant Rooibos, and Thea Skincare Age Revival Lifting Face and NeckSerum is one of my favourites as it's an anti-aging power house packed with Rooibos, Green and White tea antioxidants to fight the many signs of ageing.

All in all, the use natural anti aging products combined with a good skincare routine and healthy diet cannot be compared to Botox treatments. Natural products have longer lasting beneficial effects and are perfectly safe to use. If in doubt, always opt for natural!

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