Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Pure Natural Beauty with Coconut Oil - all you need to know about the 'Tree of Life'

The Coconut Tree, also known as the Tree of Life, is what I would describe as a miracle tree. It really is in a class of it's own as every single part of it can be used from the leaves right down to roots, with each and every part of this tree offering great natural beauty benefits.
This Natural Beauty ingredient has some amazing properties and uses and can be found in a range of Thea Skincare products.

Thea Skincare Uplifting Face Creme contains coconut oil to balance, moisturise and plump the skin

Here are my top 10 uses of the 'Tree of Life':
1. The fruit of the coconut is a good source of protein and a detox ingredient and is a main ingredient for salads and other sweet delicacies.
2. Coconut Water is a wonderfully refreshing, healthy drink and is great for re-hydration and kidney cleansing.
3. Coconut Oil is a fantastic skincare moisturiser with amazing benefits for the skin, hair, and face. It is also known for it's anti-microbial properties.
4. Coconut Roots can be use for beverages, dyes, and medicinal purposes.
5. Coconut Trunks are used as wood for pieces of furniture and novelty items. Paper pulp can also be extracted from the trunk.

Thea Skincare Super Nourish Aloe & Vitamin C Replenishing Creme contains coconut oil in a rich, creamy moisturiser that softens dry or mature skin

6. The Coconut Shell is hard material that can be used for handicrafts, cooking utensils and charcoal.
7. The Coconut Husk can be used for brushes, rope and matting.
8. Coconut Leaves are excellent for thatching and produce good quality paper pulp, brooms, hats, decorations and bags.
9. The Coconut Flesh can be used for cakes and other of cooking.
10. Coconut Juice can also be used for common alcoholic drinks such as PiƱa Colada.

Thea Skincare Ultra Soothing Foot Creme uses vitamin-rich Coconut Oil to instantly soothe and moisturise the feet

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