Sunday, 25 September 2011

Natural Exfoliators - Get Rid of Dead Skin Cells for Smooth, Beautiful Skin

Shed dead skin cells to resurface your natural beauty!

When I visited Malawi last year, I stayed in an Africa Village where I had to be part of their natural daily routine, living as they did in a mud hut without running water or clinical sanitation as we know it in the West. I woke up early every morning to the warm sun and fresh air from the Lake, but the strangest part was that despite the primitive conditions my body was healthy and I had smooth and clear skin.

Malawi is a landlocked country on the Eastern side of the African Continent. It is a beautiful country that runs through the entire length of the inside of the country. Most of the villages are near the lake as it's their main source of living - fishing, washing, cooking and bathing happen at the lakeshore each day. It was there that I started to think about making natural skincare products and where I came up with the concept of Thea Skincare being totally natural, organically enriched with ethno-botanical ingredients.

One day, whilst I was sitting enjoying the sun and watching the fishermen and people coming and going with their goods, a group of women arrived and started to get undressed. They then started to rub sand all over their bodies and were happy enjoying the experience. I learnt later that this was a weekly ritual, it was their pamper afternoon! I was asked to join them but being from the West and being quite reserved I declined, but sat there instead and observed with pleasure this simple body exfoliation process. These women were using nature to look after their bodies. They were removing their dead skin, washing it away in the fresh water from the lake and using the breeze and light sun from the lake to dry and condition their new skin.

I started to think about body exfoliation and how important it is to remove the dead skin from our bodies to rejuvenate the skin and bring nutrients and fresh blood to the surface. Thea Skincare products have natural exfoliation properties. One of my favourite body exfoliators is the Walnut and Chamomile Body Polish which, when you rub it in it, creates a natural sandy foam that seems to just melt away all the dead skin and leave you with silky, smooth, clear and totally rejuvenated skin. I use a body exfoliator 4-5 times a week and start to panic if I think I'm going to run out at home.

The Thea Fruit and Spice Purifying Spice Body Scrub has a powerful combination of Tumeric, Mustard and Neem Oil combined with natural sea salt and a blend of skin cleansing essential oils. Tumeric has been used in Asia for many centuries for both health and skin problems. It is said to purify the digestive system and aids skin problems such as acne and breakout spots, plus it has natural sunscreen properties. Mustard combined with Neem Oil complete the skin cleansing, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of this luxurious and spicy body scrub - the perfect festive treat this Christmas (and all year round!)

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