Monday, 26 November 2012

Want to know what the 10 Best Anti-ageing Moisturisers Are?

Remember to look for the natural and organic ingredients on your skin care labels. They're the best natural high performance hydrating skincare ingredients around and you'll find these in the Thea Skincare product ranges.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Looking for Vegan Skin Care Products?

Just because you are vegan does not mean you have to sacrifice using good skin care.

Though vegan-friendly skin care products are not always easy to find, TheaSkincare has specialised in creating products that are free of animal derived ingredients.

We also refrain from animal testing, so you can rest assured that no animals were harmed in creating our products to keep your skin soft and healthy.

TheaSkincare offers a wide selection of Vegan products and our skincare ranges contain natural and organic ingredients.

The month of November is International Vegan Month and to mark this we're offering 10% off all our Vegan skincare products. Just enter the coupon code VEGAN2012 at the check-out.

Friday, 2 November 2012


Parabens are chemical preservatives which were discovered in the 1920s. 

They are good preservatives, which can prolong the shelf-life of cosmetic products - for more than five years.  

Whether parabens are really harmful or not are being debated at the moment - and in particular whether there is a link between parabens and breast cancer.  

The debate is likely to go on for years, but there are some studies which are indicating that they could be potentially harmful.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Thea Skincare Announces Winners to its successful Face book and Twitter Competition

Over the past 10 days we've been running a highly successful a Face book and Twitter Competition. On each day we've been giving away one of our favourite products, our Super Nourish Plump and Define Lip Crème which is perfect to keep your lips supple, plump and defined during this cold weather!

We are pleased to announce the following lucky winners for the free give-away and the lucky winner our star prize our Deluxe Body Care GiftSet.

Our daily give-away winners are:
Day 1
Day 2
Louise Paul
Day 3
Twitter & Face book
Gaynor Hill
Day 4
Twitter & Face book
Diana Devlin
Day 5
Face book
Ann Doughty
Day 6
Susan Stapleton
Day 7
Face book
Ana Rodriguez
Day 8
Twitter & Face book
Gaynor Hill
Day 9
Face book
Clare Woodman
Day 10
Face book
Lynette Furber

AND congratulations to our star prize winner Ana Rodriguez who wins our star prize our Deluxe Body care set! 

Thank you to all those who entered our competition

We are planning to run and even bigger and better competition during the run up to Christmas. One lucky person will have the opportunity to win our Super Deluxe ChristmasSkincare Gift Set from our Age Revival Range worth £125!

So look out details on our website, Face book or Twitter pages.

Thea x

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Fruit Enzyme Therapy Range Review

I'll be Mr and Mrs.. a Review by Blogger Lyndsay Jayne of Thea's Fruit Enzyme Therapy Range and the Fruit and Spice Purifying Body Scrub.

Our Face Renew Fruit Enzyme Therapy Range has been scientifically formulated to brighten and revive dull skin using a blend of natural fruit enzymes. This unique fruit enzyme formula gently exfoliates the skin without the need for harsh scrubs, revealing instantly smoother, brighter skin.

Love Thea

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Wrap Up and Nourish Your Skin for Winter!

As winter is fast approaching, I have stepped up my skin care routine and started to wrap my body with richer and thicker moisturisers and body crèmes.

The winter elements can cause your skin to feel rough and look dull and can even result in dry patches and scaliness on the skin.

So now's the time to put on your autumn and winter skin care blanket.

One of my favourite body crèmes is this the Thea Skincare Hand and Beauty Body Butter. It's the perfect winter skin care blanket and is packed with the best dry skin vitamins A, B, C and E, and rich dry skin oils such Avocado and Carrot Oils making it one of the richest and most deeply nourishing body butters. It is also packed full of 'super nourishers' such as Organic Cocoa and Organic Shea Butters with ancient healing ingredients such as Kokum from Indian and Calendula from Ancient Egypt. These natural and organic botanical wound healing body butters are ideal for the treatment of eczema and for areas of the body that need to be healed after surgery.
Thea Skincare, Super Nourish Beauty Butter Hand and Body Creme

Here's one of our customers view of this product.

Dear Thea,

In 2007, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had five operations on the affected breast including a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. At the time my surgeon wanted to make adjustments to my other breast, to make them more symmetrical, but I wouldn't allow her to do it.

This year, I decided the time was right to have that done, and went ahead with the procedure.
On this occasion, I had a really bad allergic reaction to the skin glue, and all sorts of subsequent problems with the waterproof dressings they were using. After five days my breast looked like a piece of raw meat, with huge red wealds and sores all over it. I said to the nurse that I looked like something out of a horror film. It was a real mess.

For the remainder of the period I had to have a dressing on they just taped dry gauze over it, and when that came off I still had the red wealds which had dried and gone flaky.

As soon as they gave me the go ahead I started to moisturise with Thea's Super Nourish Body Butter,and within 4 days, the breast was almost clear again. I have continued using the product all over my body and my skin, for a 53 year old, is soft and glowing with the most wonderful luminosity.

I would thoroughly recommend the product and other products in the range, The skin on my face is looking so good after using Thea products for a year and a half , that many people put me in my early 40's and are astonished when I tell them my real age.
All in all the range is an absolute triumph.

Anne Slater, Nottingham
29th September 2012 

Friday, 31 August 2012

Thea's View Of Acne - What Causes It And How To Get Rid Of It

 Acne Tips by Althea Giscombe, the founder of Thea Skincare

What are the symptoms of acne, why do they cause such problems for sufferers?

Acne is a condition that can affect anyone at any time in their life. Although it is mainly associated with teenagers and young adults (reports indicate that up to 85% of people between the ages of 14 and 25 have had acne at sometime in their lives) it can affect other age groups also such as women who are going through the menopause.

Acne can be a confidence-reducing problem for sufferers because it is a condition that is very visible for all to see!

The symptoms of acne vary in its severity from fully blown acne, where the skin has spots with heads that have yellow pus on their surface, to just a few pimples of the face.

The main symptoms of acne are:

Black and whiteheads
Yellow lumps on the skin
Dry, itchy skin, scaring and blemishes.

It's obvious to all and very distressing to most sufferers as the symptoms are clearly visible. Plus, most people that have acne have it on their face (even though you can have acne on other parts of the body too); acne in other parts of their body can generally be hidden but on the face it cannot!

What Causes Acne?

The human body is a wonderful and dynamic natural machine but when it does not function properly it can cause us havoc.

We all have hair follicles in our skin. These are connected to very tiny glands called the sebaceous glands. These glands produce oil called the sebum whose job it is to keep our skin and hair naturally moisturised. 

People with acne have a disorder that causes the oil glands to produce too much oil. The glands then become blocked and bacteria builds up. The bacteria, combined with the dead skin cells lying on the face, cause infections that we call acne.

3. What sorts of products and regimes should consumers use at home if they suffer from acne?

If you suffer from acne, avoid any skincare products with alcohol in and try to use chemical free skincare lines wherever possible. Alcohol and chemicals can all aggravate the skin and worsen the problem.

Have and stick to a simple, regular skincare routine; it only takes 5 minutes to cleanse, tone and moisturise in the morning or night and you'll see the benefits almost instantly. 

Cleanse twice a day with a good natural foaming face cleanser, tone your skin and use a good anti-acne moisturiser.

Give yourself a deep cleanse once a week, with a face steamer or a bowl of hot water and a towel over you head - this opens the pores to get rid of the excess oil and impurities that are lying on the surface of the skin.

Use an exfoliator twice a week, remembering to choose one that's alcohol free and gentle. 

100% natural acne skin care products by Thea Skincare

What should they avoid doing and what sort of products and ingredients are bad?

Avoid foods that are particularly fatty or have a lot of sugar. I know someone who has become a Vegan and his acne skin has improved considerably due to significantly reducing his fat intake!

Drink a lot of water each day and if, like me, you find it hard to drink water then drink herbal tea 3-4 times a day to flush bacteria and other toxins out.

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit; make juices from different combinations of fruit and vegetables to detoxify the body.

Can any lifestyle choices or changes help?

Exercise is great for refreshing the blood and ridding the blood of some of the toxins that can cause acne.

Try to have a professional facial treatment once a month or if it's not affordable give yourself an at-home treatment. A deeper skincare treatment once a week at home can help to remove the excess oil under the skin and can improve acne considerably.

Have a simple but regular skincare routine and stick to it every day. Throw out all the products you have in your cupboard that are loaded with alcohol and other chemicals too!

How can the chances of recurrence be minimised?

Like anything, getting rid of acne is not easy. You will need to review what you eat; it's vital to do so as certain types of food could make our acne worse.

Exercise 2-3 times a week and have a simple but consistent skincare routine with a deeper skin care treatment at least once a month. Finally, drink lots and lots of water!

I'd love to hear your own tips on how you overcame acne - leave a comment below! 

Monday, 20 August 2012

Michelle Obama Lookalike Becomes Fan of Thea Skincare

Dionne Rose is the UK's own First Day, a doppelganger for the White House's Michelle Obama over in the US. However, not only does Miss Rose look almost exactly like Miss Obama but she was also born in the same year, has two children and has taken a hands-on role in mentoring academically-challenged children, just like Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama is loved not only in the US but internationally too, and do you know why? Of course, there's all the great work that she does as an advocate for increased awareness about poverty, nutrition and healthy eating. However, there's also the fact that she's become a fashion and style icon around the globe!

Dionne Rose has signed up with five agencies as a professional Miss Obama lookalike, but just how does she make sure her skin stays in tip top condition, glowing with health and vitality just like her American counterparts does? With Thea Skincare of course!

Rose has become a huge fan of Thea Skincare's popular Face Renew System range, a collection of 100% natural, organic skincare enriched with fruit enzymes to revive and brighten dull, tired looking skin instantly.

We spoke to Rose to find out just why she loves our natural skincare products...

How have you become a Thea fan and what is it that you particularly like about the brand?
“I have been using the Thea Natural and Organic Enriched Range - Face Renew System Fruit Enzyme cleanser, moisturiser and exfoliator - for a few months now after it was introduced to me by a friend after I mentioned I looking for something new tried and tested for my skin care. The organic and natural ingredients really appealed to me as I had never tried this before. After initially trying the range with having such sensitive skin I was surprised to have no reaction, my skin felt clean and bright. I would highly recommend anyone to try ”.

What do you think are the most important factors when buying a beauty cream? 
“An important factor when buying a cream is to test it first and find something which you think may suit your skin tone and sensitivity. With having such sensitive skin I like to try a sample to see how my skin reacts to the cream initially”.

How do the Thea Skincare products compare to the products that you have been using in the past?
"The Fruit Enzyme Range is very light and refreshing and not heavy or greasy like some creams I have tried in the past”

Do you have a high maintenance or low maintenance beauty regime and what is the reason behind it?
“I think I have a low maintenance beauty regime, I cleanse every night and morning, moisturise and use a exfoliator once or twice a week using the Thea Skincare Fruit Enzyme Range. Since I have started using the range I have noticed a difference in my skin tone and complexion which is now looking more even ”

What are your all-time favourite products?
“I love Sanctuary body cream and one of my favourite perfumes is Beyonce Heat”

What beauty items would you find in your handbag?
"I always travel with my face powder, perfumed cream and lip gloss in my bag."

Check out the Face Renew System skin brightening skincare range that Dionne Rose has become such a fan of!

Friday, 15 June 2012

A Real Combination... Dry and Oily Skin Together?

For as long as I can remember I've always had what is referred to as combination skin.

I have the typical T-zone with oily sections on my forehead, nose area and chin, but with dryness on my cheeks and around my jawline.

One of the reasons I created  the combination skin products range is that I suffered from using products that caused excessive dryness and at the same time they made the oily areas of my skin even oilier! I learned a long time ago that using natural skincare products that were pH balanced were the best thing to balance out my T-zone problem.

I also realised from my younger days as a teenager that I had to avoid any skincare products with alcohol because that just played havoc with my skin and brought me out in spots.

I have always loved using a foaming cleansers - I love the idea of washing your face with a cleanser that creates a soft foam without causing any dryness of the skin...

So, one of my favourite products in the Thea Skincare range is the Rebalance Clarity Foaming Facial Cleanser - it's one of our best sellers and I know why! Its gentle foaming action and special blend of essential oils combine together to form one of the best facial cleansers I have ever used.

I prefer to use a rich face cream rather than a thin moisturiser on my face, and I like one with just a hint of a scent. I just love the Age Revival Uplifting Face Cream and uplifting is exactly what it does as it plumps and lifts the cheeks in a very subtle but defining way.

Now that the summer is upon us I am starting to step up my skincare routine. I now use an exfoliator 2-3 times a week to refresh my skin and get rid of the dead skin cells that a typical cleanser cannot budge. 

The Thea Age Revival Dream Cream Exfoliator is what it says on the tin, it's a dream. It has dual properties in that it removes dead skin and nourishes dry skin on the face at the same time. It truly works wonders and it is a dream experience using it.

Having used many chemical based skincare products myself in the past for many years, I now realise the value and importance of eliminating toxins from your skin. I know the importance and benefits of using good quality natural and organic skincare products for good skin health, and to avoid premature ageing!

Thea x

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Are Beauty Salons Ready to Embrace Natural, Organic Skincare?

For many years, I never really questioned what my regular skincare products contained. I never looked at the ingredients, I just based my judgement on whether it was good or bad depending on how my skin looked and felt immediately after using the product.

I have over the years spent a small fortune in beauty salons and department stores on the latest expensive skincare products, thinking they was the best you could get without ever bothering to question what they were actually made of.

That was, until 2008 when I  first went to Africa and discovered a whole new world of natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Palm Oil, Avocado, Papaya and Mango to name but a few! I learned so much about natural skincare ingredients and the amazing benefits that they can have for your skin.

Earlier that year a close friend of mine died of cancer and I came across articles that, although inconclusive, seemed in indicate that some potentially harmful ingredients such as Parabens that are found in most skin and hair care products could be linked to cancer.

So I embarked on what has now become my passion and produced Thea Skincare, a totally Paraben- and chemical-free skincare line with a cocktail of exotic, natural ingredients.

I also started to listen to my mother when she said that when she grew up her family used pure coconut oil for her hair and as a moisturiser for her body. My mother also told me that in her family they all used Aloe Vera  from their garden to protect their skin from the sun and as a shampoo and conditioner.

Some years later, I now only use totally chemical and paraben free skincare products. When I visit my local salon for my monthly facial I use Thea Skincare products, and if I'm not at home or traveling around I take my own kit rather than use any chemical skincare. 

I've been told that for my age my skin is great, but for me it's simple - why put toxins on your skin and why feed it with products packed full of harmful ingredients when there are safer natural alternatives?

Thea Skincare offers a range of professional salon skincare for any sized salon, big or small, so it's a great opportunity to 'go green' and offer you clients a natural, ethical skincare alternative.