Monday, 24 October 2011

Halloween is coming... Trick or Treats for the skin!

Halloween is fast approaching and I really love this time of the year. It's my birthday on Halloween and I always get excited and plan something new!

Last Halloween we had just launched Thea Skincare and to celebrate I invited all of my closest girlfriends to my own pamper evening. This was a treat for us all and a way of saying thank you as they'd all been involved one way or another in helping with the launch of Thea Skincare.

My mother, best friend and mentor came too and and we had pamper treats using the skincare products from the new range, not to mention plenty of good food and wine!

It was a lovely evening and I started to ask my friends which Thea Skincare products they liked best.

Dawn, who has great looking skin, loved the Age Revival Range. She really really does take exceptionally good care of her beautiful skin and it shows!

Carol, another friend, liked the Natural Harmony range as she has dry skin which is also sensitive.

My mother bless her seemed to like everything, which is a good test as she's very fussy about what she puts on her skin. She did have a favourite product though, the Super Nourish Deluxe Vitamin Rich Body Lotion and I have to admit it's one of my favourites too.

Ruby who has very dry skin also like the Super Nourish Range.

It made me realise how personalised our skincare choices are and how different we are when it comes to choosing skincare products.

We all want affordable products that treat our skin but we also have preferences about smell, texture and feel - all these are imperative when choosing the right skincare products.

Some of my friends liked the products with distinctive smells whilst others preferred the products with no scent at all. At least there was something on offer for everyone including a free Thea Skincare gift bag, my mum got two!

All in all, we have a fantastic evening which went down even better than planned!!

Thea x

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Thea Skincare is in the Nottingham Evening Post!

I had the pleasure recently of speaking to Katherine Taylor from the Nottingham Evening Post newspaper - she was very interested in Thea Skincare and wanted to find out a bit more about the inspiration behind creating the brand and about the natural, organic products that I use in my skincare. You can read the article for yourself, just click here to view it full size!

Thea x

Click here to enlarge - Thea Skincare is featured in the Nottingham Evening Standard

The perfect Christmas gift for lovers of natural, organic skincare!

Thea Skincare Skin Brightening Fruit Enzyme Gift Set

Struggling to find the perfect gift for that ethical, eco-friendly friend or loved one this Christmas? We've put together a selection of our best-selling natural skincare products to create this beautiful gift set, complete with presentation packaging!

Priced at just £32.95, this skincare gift set contains a cleanser, a toner, a moisturiser, an exfoliator and a free face mask made using natural fruit enzymes for brighter, more vibrant skin. The Skin Brightening Fruit Enzyme Starter / Travel Kit is ideal for a range of skin types, making it the perfect gift for any woman who loves luxury skincare products (and really, which one doesn't?).

It can be difficult to find a suitable Christmas present on the high-street for a vegan friend or a woman who dislikes chemical-filled skincare products. The great news is that all Thea Skincare ingredients are always 100% natural, never tested on animals, Paraben- and chemical-free and are both vegetarian and vegan friendly

Plus, if you spend over £50 we'll also throw in FREE Christmas gift wrapping on top of the already-gorgeous packaging and give you free postage! So go on, pick up two of these super luxurious, natural skincare gift sets and make two women happy this Christmas. Or, if you prefer, it's the perfect excuse to buy 'one for you and one for me'...

Thea Skincare starter / gift sets are also available in other ranges such as the popular Face Renew System range!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Paraben What? - Why dangerous Parabens are still being used in skincare

Paraben what?

All Thea Skincare products are 100% Paraben free for safe, natural beauty

There's a lot of talk these days about Parabens and their use in skincare products plus more importantly, whether or not they are harmful. This debate will go on for years but in order for you to make your own, informed decision it is important to know exactly what they are and why they are used.

If you take the time to go to your local department store or supermarket and look at the ingredients in the skincare products on the shelves, you will see that over 90% of these will have at least one, often more, type of Paraben in the list of ingredients. The common ones for skincare products are methylparaben, butylparaben, and propylparaben but there are many more! Just check for 'paraben' at the end of the word, you can't miss them.

They are used in a wide variety of cosmetics, as well as some foods and drugs. Cosmetics that may contain Parabens include makeup, cleansers, moisturisers, hair care products and shaving products, amongst others.

So why use them?

Simply put, Parabens are very effective, cheap preservatives that prolong the shelf life of skincare products, preventing mold, fungus and bacteria from growing in the product for extended amounts of time.

Parabens started to be used in the 1950's to extend the shelf life of skincare products but were not fully tested before the past few years.

Why are Parabens still being used today? 

Parabens are cheap so many skincare companies still use them - natural preservative systems are much more expensive. There are studies coming out now that show that Parabens have been found in breast cancer tissue, meaning that many people are now serioulsy looking for alternative Paraben free skincare products.

Thea Skincare products are always Paraben free, having a natural and organic preservative system to prolong their shelf-life without the potentially harmful effects of using Parabens.

It makes sense to avoid skincare products without any chemicals. Natural and Organic Skincare Products enhance the quality of the skin as they are enriched with the right ingredients, for example Vitamin E, B, C and A which are all skin-nourishing, plus a range of natural oils and skin butters.

All Thea Skincare products are Paraben Free and nutrient rich to provide high-quality, safe skincare benefits.

Personally, when I'm choosing any products now I read the label first and if it has any form of Paraben in I just leave it on the shelf!

Thea x

Monday, 10 October 2011

The Best Moisturiser to Treat Acne and Get Rid of Spots

Thea Skincare Rebalance Clarity Creme Face Moisturiser, £22.95 (plus FREE gift when you spend £25 or more!)

Acne and spots are often caused by oily skin (which is itself caused by overactive sebaceous glands) and so many sufferers will avoid using moisturisers, thinking that this is only going to make their oily skin even worse. In fact, the opposite is true - if you use over-drying, anti-acne products and don't moisturise then your skin will get too dry and your sebaceous glands will start to produce even more oil to compensate, aggravating rather than helping the problem.

The trick is to find the right moisturiser for your skin - very rich moisturisers are best suited to dry, not oily, skin and any skincare products that contain chemicals may upset delicate or sensitive skin, causing problems such as break outs. Natural, chemical-free skincare products that have been created especially for acne-prone skin are therefore the best choice.

The Rebalance range by Thea Skincare is a collection of skincare products specifically designed to target acne-prone, spot-prone and oily skin to give you a clear, beautiful complexion without upsetting your skin's natural balance. All products are PH balanced and are 100% chemical free to be mild on sensitive or delicate skin, meaning that they won't cause any new spots whilst they're treating the current ones!

The Clarity Creme Face Moisturiser by Thea Skincare is quite simply the perfect moisturiser for acne and oily skin. Specially formulated to purify and rebalance oily skin, it is deeply nourishing and contains a mixture of essential oils found to balance sebum levels and reduce spots.

The Thea Skincare Clarity Creme Face Moituriser contains a blend of Tea Tree which is a popular anti-acne product due to its anti-bacterial properties, Organic Jojoba Oil to balance sebum levels and clear the pores, Organic Shea Butter to deeply moisturise whilst controlling shine, Roman Chamomile Essential Oil to reduce inflammation and plenty more natural, organic, skin-enhancing ingredients!

Spend over £25 on products in the Thea Skincare Anti-Acne Range and receive a FREE Acne and Spot Free Organic Booster Treatment worth £9.95!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Win a £150 natural, organic skincare gift hamper!

As a thank you to our fans for your continued support, we are offering one of you the chance to keep your skin looking perfect all winter with this massive skincare gift hamper, worth £150!

Packed full of natural and organic skincare products, this deluxe gift hamper contains ten mixed skincare products including body cream, face cream, eye serum, lip cream and much more!

All products are Paraben-free, chemical-free, vegan and vegetarian friendly, suitable for sensitive skin and never tested on animals. It's the perfect ethical gift for an eco-friendly friend or loved-one this Christmas - or you could of course just treat yourself! Click the image above for details on how to enter.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Skin Brightening with Natural and Organic Fruit gives you REAL Natural Beauty

Some products in the Thea Skincare Face Renew System range

I absolutely love the Thea Skincare Brightening Face Renew System which has to be my favourite range in the Thea Skincare collection. It is definitely contains the best exfoliating ingredients of any skincare products that I have ever used.

My monthly skincare treat is to have a facial with these Skin Brightening Products and after the 1 hour treatment my skin is smooth, clear, even and it looks fabulous.

These products smell gorgeous and I feel as though I am in an exotic tropical experience when they are being applied to my face. Thea Skincare's Skin Brighting Face Renew Cream Exfoliator is just amazing, I can feel the dead skin literally being melted away.

I was anxious at first about using these products with Fruit Enzymes in as I have sensitive skin and I was worried that they might be too harsh, but to my surprise they are very gentle yet effective and you see very noticeable results.

The cooling Organic Papaya and Pineapple Mask is a welcome change and complements the rest of the range, plus it is gentle enough for my sensitive skin.

I love the fact that after a skincare treatment with the Face Renew Fruit Enzyme range I leave walking tall with celebrity looking skin!

So, what's so different about Thea's Skin Brightening Range?

1.   1. It's Natural and Organic and totally chemical free - many fruit enzyme products are harsh on the skin and contain chemicals, but not this one!

2. It's Paraben free with its own unique, organic preservative system

3. It effectively rejuvenates dull skin after just a few treatments with highly visible results

4. It brightens the complexion and is non-evasive and mild for all skin types

5. It evens the skin tone and increases the skin's elasticity

6. It smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles by hydrating the skin

Thea Face Renew Moisturiser is quite simply great and contains some fabulous ingredients such as Organic Aloe Butter, Mango Butter, Organic Shea, Green Tea (one of the most powerful antioxidants for the skin), and organic fruit extracts from Cranberry and Bilberry (two of the most natural powerful exfoliators). It also containts other natural fruit acids such as Orange, Lemon, Mandarin and Lime, plus Vitamin E which has a natural SPF.

This superior range gives you a superb at-home or in-salon facial treatment!

Thea x