Monday, 20 August 2012

Michelle Obama Lookalike Becomes Fan of Thea Skincare

Dionne Rose is the UK's own First Day, a doppelganger for the White House's Michelle Obama over in the US. However, not only does Miss Rose look almost exactly like Miss Obama but she was also born in the same year, has two children and has taken a hands-on role in mentoring academically-challenged children, just like Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama is loved not only in the US but internationally too, and do you know why? Of course, there's all the great work that she does as an advocate for increased awareness about poverty, nutrition and healthy eating. However, there's also the fact that she's become a fashion and style icon around the globe!

Dionne Rose has signed up with five agencies as a professional Miss Obama lookalike, but just how does she make sure her skin stays in tip top condition, glowing with health and vitality just like her American counterparts does? With Thea Skincare of course!

Rose has become a huge fan of Thea Skincare's popular Face Renew System range, a collection of 100% natural, organic skincare enriched with fruit enzymes to revive and brighten dull, tired looking skin instantly.

We spoke to Rose to find out just why she loves our natural skincare products...

How have you become a Thea fan and what is it that you particularly like about the brand?
“I have been using the Thea Natural and Organic Enriched Range - Face Renew System Fruit Enzyme cleanser, moisturiser and exfoliator - for a few months now after it was introduced to me by a friend after I mentioned I looking for something new tried and tested for my skin care. The organic and natural ingredients really appealed to me as I had never tried this before. After initially trying the range with having such sensitive skin I was surprised to have no reaction, my skin felt clean and bright. I would highly recommend anyone to try ”.

What do you think are the most important factors when buying a beauty cream? 
“An important factor when buying a cream is to test it first and find something which you think may suit your skin tone and sensitivity. With having such sensitive skin I like to try a sample to see how my skin reacts to the cream initially”.

How do the Thea Skincare products compare to the products that you have been using in the past?
"The Fruit Enzyme Range is very light and refreshing and not heavy or greasy like some creams I have tried in the past”

Do you have a high maintenance or low maintenance beauty regime and what is the reason behind it?
“I think I have a low maintenance beauty regime, I cleanse every night and morning, moisturise and use a exfoliator once or twice a week using the Thea Skincare Fruit Enzyme Range. Since I have started using the range I have noticed a difference in my skin tone and complexion which is now looking more even ”

What are your all-time favourite products?
“I love Sanctuary body cream and one of my favourite perfumes is Beyonce Heat”

What beauty items would you find in your handbag?
"I always travel with my face powder, perfumed cream and lip gloss in my bag."

Check out the Face Renew System skin brightening skincare range that Dionne Rose has become such a fan of!

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