Friday, 13 April 2012

20% Off Natural Skincare for Oily Skin & Acne


If you're among the many people who suffer from acne, spots or oily skin, it can be very frustrating trying to find the right skincare products to get clear, beautiful skin - especially when you consider that many of the chemical-filled products on the high-street today are likely to aggravate the problem, not make it better.

That's why we've created a range of high quality but affordable natural skincare products specifically targeted at acne and oily skin, and until 31st May 2012 we're giving you 20% off the entire range too!

Our natural, anti-acne range Rebalance is scientifically formulated using a blend of natural and organic ingredients that have been specially chosen for their balancing and soothing properties. Just check out some of the fantastic, natural ingredients that go into the Thea Skincare anti-acne skincare range...

Jojoba oil provide exactly the right amount of nourishment your oily skin needs, eliminating shine without over-drying. 

Tea tree and cedarwood essential oils have a gentle, anti-bacterial effect to stop spots before they form and effectively clearing up breakouts.

Juniper berry essential oil naturally regulates sebum production, reducing oil on the skin which is a major cause of spots.

Bergamot and Roman chamomile essential oils have a mild and gentle soothing effect to calm red, irritated skin and reduce the inflammation that comes with severe acne.

Plus many more!

Pick your perfect, natural skincare product now:

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Thea Skincare Shortlisted by the FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2012

The FreeFrom Skincare Awards by Skins Matter, in association with The Beauty Bible, is an annual award designed to celebrate and encourage the continued production of 'green' skincare products, including organic, chemical-free and fragrance-free products that are a natural alternative to the standard, chemical-laden skincare available on the high street.

Out of more than 160 products that were entered, the judging panel - including natural beauty experts, sensitive skin sufferers and a skincare nutritionist - had a hard time narrowing the list down to just 45 products that were chosen based on their premium quality, excellent results and dedication to promoting natural skincare in society today.

We're happy to announce that our Thea Skincare Natural Harmony Perfect Me Face Cleanser was one of the 23 products shortlisted in the Face Care category for its wonderful natural and organic recipe and fantastic skin-balancing and cleaning effect. This natural skin cleanser costs just £8.95 for 50ml and contains a unique blend of aloe juice, olive oil, lavender extract, Rooibos tea, DMAE and other natural and organic ingredients that deeply cleanse, smooth and replenish the skin for a beautiful, dewy glow.

Natural Harmony Perfect Me Facial Cleanser, shortlisted by the FreeFrom Skincare Awards

The FreeFrom Skincare Awards also complied a list of 'commended' products that had particularly impressed them despite not quite making it onto the short-list like our Natural Harmony cleanser. Featured on this list were three of our natural face and body products:

  • Super Nourish Beauty Butter Hand & Body Cream - a natural body butter rich in natural, vitamin-packed oils such as avocado and carrot oil, for a deeply hydrating and nourishing effect
  • Face Renew System Skin Brightening Fruit Enzyme Creme Moisturiser - a skin brightening moisturiser made using a blend of natural fruit enzymes that gently brighten the complexion, increasing elasticity and plumping the skin at the same time
  • Face Renew System Skin Brightening Fruit Enzyme Creme Exfoliator - a skin brightening exfoliator that gently polishes away dry, dead skin cells using jojoba beads, whilst the natural blend of fruit enzymes brightens and revives the skin
All shortlisted products will now undergo an in-depth, one month test by The Beauty Bible before the winning products are picked.