Tuesday, 11 February 2014

How to maintain a healthy body this winter

During these winter months we need to consider our body moisturiser as much as our facial moisturiser. Our body skin will begin to dry out in just the same way if it is not looked after.

Thea Fruit And Spice Purifying Body Scrub

Ideally, your body care routine would consist of an exfoliant and a body moisturiser.

You would use a body exfoliant every other day in the shower or bath, however - if you do suffer with very dry skin it may be wise to apply the exfoliant to dry skin, prior to getting in the shower or bath, as this will be particularly effective at removing excess dead skin. It may also be advisable to use a soap free shower gel/mousse for the in between showers– as again the drying effect of soap on the skin of the body is the same as the effect on the skin of the face……the Aloe and Sea Mineral Hair & Body Wash is particular good for this, and also a great companion for your gym bag.

As for exfoliants, a particular favourite of mine is the exotic Fruit & Spice Purifying Body Scrub and at just £19.95 it’s a steal! This exfoliant will slough off the dry winter skin leaving a softer, smoother more radiant glow behind. With key ingredients of Sea Salt crystals to exfoliate, Jojoba Oil to moisturise and Vitamin E to protect and repair this scrub really is an SOS for all winter bodies.

When you have finished showering/bathing and have dried the skin thoroughly apply an effective body cream that will moisturise and hydrate, preventing moisture loss and leaving the skin soft and supple. Here are a few ideas:

At £15.95 this one an absolute bargain when you consider the combination of organic ingredients contained. Lavender – to soothe, Rose – to firm the skin and aid cell regeneration, and Vitamin E – to protect, repair and feed the skin. This body lotion is easily absorbed and perfect for dry, sensitive and mature skin so pop it on your Valentines list, you won’t be disappointed.

This one is a fraction more expensive at £24.95 but worth every extra penny! With key ingredients of Organic Aloe Juice to attract and seal in moisture, Organic Rooibos Tea –a powerful antioxidant that moisturises and regenerates the skin and Black Willow Bark Extract to promote skin renewal, this cocktail of pure ingredients leaves your skin velvety soft and smooth.
And not forgetting those hands that can get very sore and chapped this time of year – why not try our Best Seller….Coconut & Jojoba Nourishing Hand Crème 50ml, £12.95.
Our hands will give away our age so make sure yours look young, youthful and radiant with this rich and luxurious hand cream, an essential product to live in your handbag and next to the sink. With the rich and nourishing ingredients of Organic Aloe, Organic Coconut and Jojoba this hand cream is easily absorbed and penetrates the skin to ensure smooth, soft and silky hands.

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