Tuesday, 29 November 2011

10% Off Everything - Natural, Organic Skincare Products

10% Off Everything

If you have been considering trying out our 100% natural, organic skincare range then now is the perfect time to give it a go with our great holiday offer - between now and the 31st December 2011 we're giving our customers 10% off every product in store! Simply enter code Cmas11 at checkout to redeem.

Take advantage of this great offer and stock up on natural skincare products, or buy your friends and family luxurious Thea Skincare gifts this Christmas - our gift-wrapped starter and travel kits make beautiful presents and there's the perfect one one for everyone with a kit for every skin type, including Men's and Mother & Baby!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Wonders of Neem Oil.... A Natural Beauty Skincare Ingredient from The East

Neem Oil is a rare but potent ingredient that treats acne and spots as well as quenching dry skin!

Unless you’re a student of Ayurvedic medicine or have been to India or Bangladesh, you’ve likely never heard of Neem.

When I was researching ingredients for Thea Skincare products it was a revelation to me to learn that in India the Neem Tree is know as the 'Village Pharmacy' or the 'Tree of 40 cures', not to mention the fact that it has a 4000-year history with many traditional uses for dealing with different skin conditions such as Psoriasis, itchiness, irritated skin and to Treat Acne and Spots.

Neem Oil in India is like Shea and Cocoa Butter in Africa and the Caribbean -  it is definitely one of the new generations of natural skincare ingredients. It is an excellent moisturiser, high in Vitamin E and rich in emollients and fatty acids. It works well to address cracked, stressed or damaged skin and unlike petroleum-based based ingredients it actually helps to restore the skins natural elasticity.

Neem Oil is one of the most most under-utilised skincare ingredients in the West - this 'wonder oil' is a must-have in the skincare products of the future and fortunately it is already found in many Thea Skincare products.

Its natural anti-bacterial properties that are also found in herbs such as aloe vera and tea tree fight spots, reduce the swelling and redness of conditions such as acne, plus can also help to promote a healthy skin condition and an even skin tone. Thea Skincare Fruit and Spice Purifying Body Scrub contains a cocktail of spot-fighting ingredients including Neem Oil as one of the main ingredients.

Neem Oil is also perfect for dry skin as found in the Thea Skincare Aloe and Vitamin C Replenishing Face Cream which contains this fantastic, rejuvenating and nourishing natural skincare ingredient for soft, smooth and supple skin all year round.

So look out for Neem Oil - it is going to be talked about and used in many more skincare products for the future!

Thea x

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Thea tells you how to look after Combination Skin

Natural Harmony by Thea Skincare is the ideal organic skincare range for anyone with oily / combination skin
The typical 'oily T-zone' is one of the most common skincare problems, so it is vital to always use pH balanced skincare products that match the natural pH of the skin and reduce this problem.

Addressing Combination Skin is tricky yet vita,l as you have to reduce the amount of excess oil in the key T-Zone areas (typically found around the T-shaped forehead, nose and chin area, hence the name) whilst at the same time nourishing the normal/dry areas of the skin without drying them out.

The Rebalance Clarity Foaming Face Cleanser by Thea Skincare is an excellent but gentle foaming face cleanser that is mild enough for sensitive skin. It has a special blend of pure essential oils to combat Oily / Combination Skin as well as natural foaming ingredients from Coconut and Palm oils to address the T-Zone whilst simultaneously moisturising the skin.

Other great product lines are Thea's Natural Harmony Range, our main range for Normal and Combination skin. It is also excellent for sensitive and sun-damaged skin. The range offers a mild cream cleanser with a complementary moisturiser which, combined with the Rebalance Calming Facial Toner, make up the idea skincare trio for Normal and Combination Skin.

If you're looking for a salon quality, high performance range then the Face Renew Fruit Enzyme Range is a revolutionary performance system that is perfectly suited to all skin types. It has multiple skin care properties, gently exfoliating the skin to brighten it whilst enhancing elasticity to help to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and premature signs of aging. Unsurprisingly, this one of our most popular product lines!

Thea Skincare's Rebalance range effectively treats oily skin

Thea's Top 6 Tips To Treat Combination Skin 
Use Natural and Organic Skincare products without chemicals to provide a better nourishment for your skin. 
Use a foaming cleanser in the morning to remove overnight dirt and waste and to refresh the skin. I would also recommend that a mild cream cleanser is used such at night and a mild, nourishing mositursier with skin-balancing essential oils. 
ALWAYS cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day. Cleanse to remove dirt and toxins, tone to close and tighten pores and moisture to nourish and feed the skin. It should only take 5 minutes but it will improve your skin in no time. A basic skin care routine is essential for health looking skin!
 Exfoliate using a mild facial exfoliator such as Thea Skincare Age Revival Dream CremeExfoliator to penetrate deeper into the skin and get rid of those old, dead cells so that your cleanser and moisturiser can penetrate deep into the skin and have a more beneficial effect, making it smoother and brighter. 
Treat yourself to a monthly facial or do a home facial once a month with Thea's revolutionary, high-performance, multi-fruit Face Renew Fruit Enzyme System with multi-faceted skin care properties to exfoliate, brighten, rejuvenate and nourish the skin all at the same time.

Drink a glass of warm water first thing in the morning and before bed - squeeze in half a lemon to detox the skin and get rid of skin-aging toxins, detoxing your body from the inside!

Thea x

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Super Nourish Your Skin this Winter

At this time of the year I know that I have to step up my game when it comes to looking after my skin. So, in true Thea style, I put on my daily skin blanket - it's great as it still allows my skin to breathe yet keeps in the warmth, nourishes my skin and protects it.

Skincare treats from the Thea Skincare Super Nourish collection

I've always used a body moisturiser from the moment I can remember - in my culture it's like going naked if you do not moisturise at least once a day as well as every time you have a shower or bath! If I happen to forget I feel totally naked and uncomfortable, I have been know to go back to my house just to apply moisturiser to my skin - that's how addicted I am!

In the summer I like to use lotions such as the Organic Lavender and Rose body lotion as it's very hydrating but lighter on the skin. In winter however, I start to use richer, more nourishing moisturisers. It's just like the difference between what we actually wear in the summer and the winter really.

In the winter I love richer body butters and body creams.

My favourite body moisturiser from the whole Thea range is the Super Nourish Deluxe Vitamin Rich Body Crème which is just devine and packed full of goodness, plus those essential skin nourishing vitamins A, B, C and E along with a wonderful range of hydrating body oils such as Avocado, Neem, Palm and Jojoba. It also contains pomegranate to add extra moisture and nourishment to the skin, lovely!

My close second favourite which I use mainly on my feet is the rich and luxurious Rooibos Shea Body Crème. This crème is rich in Rooibos tea for moisture retention and an amazing anti-aging effect, plus it contains Aloe and Jojoba oils with essential oils such as Rose for super hydration. This a fantastic skincare product for dry or very dry skin - I leave this one by my bed for my feet at night!

In the winter I also change what I use on my face. I use a serum more regularly (at least once a day and usually at night) such as the Super Nourish Instant Replenish Face Serum as it completely locks in the moisture and produces an instant glow to the skin. I top this with this with another favourite of mine, the wonderful Super Nourish Aloe and Vitamin C Face Crème which I use both day and night in the winter.

Thea's top tip is to put your skin-blanket on to protect your skin from the harsh elements - let it thrive under the protective blanket of a rich, nourishing moisturiser so that it's ready to blossom once again when the warmer weather appears.

Thea x

The Richest Face Moisturiser Around - 100% Natural Too!

Click here to buy Thea Skincare Aloe & Vitamin C Replenishing Face Crème

Come winter, your skin requires a much richer moisturiser than it did in summer. Dry and mature skin however that needs a rich moisturising cream even in summer now needs something even more creamy and super-concentrated to protect it from the harsh wind and cold weather that come with this season.

Here at Thea Skincare we've developed quite possibly the best face moisturiser ever for dry skin - part of our Super Nourish range, aimed at both dry and mature skin types, the Aloe and Vitamin C Replenishing Face Crème is unashamedly rich and creamy, packed full of highly concentrated organic botanical oils and Vitamin C combined with soothing aloe, green clay and blueberry extract to create a luxurious, nourishing face cream that will leave even the dryest of skin beautifully smoothed and replenished. As with all Thea Skincare products, it's 100% natural and vegan friendly.

This luxury face cream also has the added bonus of protecting the skin from damaging free radicals - with regular use your skin will become more resistant to toxins for a beautiful, healthy glow, all of the time. The fruity formula is also great at restoring lost elasticity to the skin, making it the ideal choice for anyone wishing to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Even better, it's currently on offer at just £24.95 (regular price £29.95)!