Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Effectively Treat Rosacea with Natural Skincare Products

Treat Rosacea with Thea Skincare

Rosacea, like Acne, can be distressing, persistent and difficult to treat.

The condition is a form of extremely Sensitive Skin so treat it with great care. Many high-street skincare products will contain chemicals or alcohol that have an adverse affect on sensitive skin.

Using Natural and Organic products without chemicals and without ingredients such as alcohol can help to alleviate Rosacea and improve the condition of the skin. Whatever your Skincare Routine the key is to use Natural Products and have a skin care routine that will minimise or alleviate irritations to the skin.

Using Natural Products designed  for sensitive skin and sun-damaged skin will help to address Rosacea, such as the Thea Skincare Natural Harmony range.

Thea's Natural Harmony Perfect Me Facial Cleanser is alcohol free and has mild but effective  natural cleansing ingredients. It is one of the most gentle and mildest cleansers in the Thea Skincare Collection.
If you have Rosacea you should also consider using a hydrating and replenishing moisturizer, one that is designed for sun-damaged and sensitive skin. The Thea Skincare Natural Harmony Perfect Me Moisturiser is ideal, providing ultimate moisturisation and nourishment for the treatment of Rosacea.
Avoid using an astringent that burns or irritates the skin and also avoid using toners and other skin care products with alcohol in them.

Using a gentle toner which is rich in natural moisturizers such as Aloe Vera as in Thea Clarity Calming Facial Toner will help to calm the skin and reduce or stop the irritation.

The Thea Skincare Rebalance range is especially formulated to calm and treat skin problems such as Rosacea, Acne and Oily Skin

Thea's top tips for treating Rosacea are:

1.      Use Natural and Organic, chemical-free Skincare Products that are pH balanced for the skin.
2.      Use fragrance free Skincare Products that are designed for sensitive skin and sun-damaged skin.
3.      Use soap free cleansers and face cleansers with natural mild ingredients.
4.      Do not use an astringent with alcohol - instead use a gentle Facial Toner with Moisturizers
5.      Use a moisturizer designed for Sensitive Skin with rich natural hydrating ingredients.
6.      Try to avoid using lots of different Skincare Products and always test them first (on your arm or neck) before using them on your face.

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