Tuesday, 11 February 2014

How to maintain a healthy body this winter

During these winter months we need to consider our body moisturiser as much as our facial moisturiser. Our body skin will begin to dry out in just the same way if it is not looked after.

Thea Fruit And Spice Purifying Body Scrub

Ideally, your body care routine would consist of an exfoliant and a body moisturiser.

You would use a body exfoliant every other day in the shower or bath, however - if you do suffer with very dry skin it may be wise to apply the exfoliant to dry skin, prior to getting in the shower or bath, as this will be particularly effective at removing excess dead skin. It may also be advisable to use a soap free shower gel/mousse for the in between showers– as again the drying effect of soap on the skin of the body is the same as the effect on the skin of the face……the Aloe and Sea Mineral Hair & Body Wash is particular good for this, and also a great companion for your gym bag.

As for exfoliants, a particular favourite of mine is the exotic Fruit & Spice Purifying Body Scrub and at just £19.95 it’s a steal! This exfoliant will slough off the dry winter skin leaving a softer, smoother more radiant glow behind. With key ingredients of Sea Salt crystals to exfoliate, Jojoba Oil to moisturise and Vitamin E to protect and repair this scrub really is an SOS for all winter bodies.

When you have finished showering/bathing and have dried the skin thoroughly apply an effective body cream that will moisturise and hydrate, preventing moisture loss and leaving the skin soft and supple. Here are a few ideas:

At £15.95 this one an absolute bargain when you consider the combination of organic ingredients contained. Lavender – to soothe, Rose – to firm the skin and aid cell regeneration, and Vitamin E – to protect, repair and feed the skin. This body lotion is easily absorbed and perfect for dry, sensitive and mature skin so pop it on your Valentines list, you won’t be disappointed.

This one is a fraction more expensive at £24.95 but worth every extra penny! With key ingredients of Organic Aloe Juice to attract and seal in moisture, Organic Rooibos Tea –a powerful antioxidant that moisturises and regenerates the skin and Black Willow Bark Extract to promote skin renewal, this cocktail of pure ingredients leaves your skin velvety soft and smooth.
And not forgetting those hands that can get very sore and chapped this time of year – why not try our Best Seller….Coconut & Jojoba Nourishing Hand Crème 50ml, £12.95.
Our hands will give away our age so make sure yours look young, youthful and radiant with this rich and luxurious hand cream, an essential product to live in your handbag and next to the sink. With the rich and nourishing ingredients of Organic Aloe, Organic Coconut and Jojoba this hand cream is easily absorbed and penetrates the skin to ensure smooth, soft and silky hands.

Thea  x

Thursday, 23 January 2014

 Thea's Winter Skincare Tips 

During the winter period we need to take extra care to protect our skin and to maintain a healthy complexion. 

The winter season can be very harsh on our skin – it gets damp, windy and colder outside, the central heating is put on in our homes and offices and all of these factors can lead to redness, fine lines, dryness and irritation. 

There is also considerably less sunlight meaning that our bodies are producing less Vitamin D leaving our skin looking tired and dull.

Thea Face Renew Skin Brightening Range

Here are a few tips and advice to help keep your skin radiant and supple during the winter months:
  • Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise day and night. If you wear heavy make up cleanse twice before toning to ensure all make up has been removed.
  • Ensure you use a cream cleanser as the richer texture will leave the skin soft – do not use soap as the pH level of soap is not in synergy with the pH of your skin so will lead to further drying and dehydration.
  • Change your moisturiser for the winter months – use something that is richer in texture and contains ingredients such as Vitamin C for radiance and Shea Butter to moisturise.
  • Opt for a different night cream to the one you use in the day. Night creams are richer by nature and can be more intensive for the skin, this is because at night the skin is not exposed to the elements and no make up is applied on top so the moisturiser can really work effectively.
  • Exfoliate 2x a week to remove dead skin and increase cell renewal. Exfoliating will make any products you use on your skin more effective because it constantly removing the dead skin so your product is always working on new, fresh skin.
  • Make sure you always follow your exfoliation with a facial mask to further cleanse and moisturise the fresh skin.
  • Drink lots of water – too much caffeine will dehydrate the skin further.
  • Increase the Fruit & Vegetables within your diet, not only is this good for your health it is good for the health of your skin due to their high concentration of vitamins and water.
  • Have regular facials – Thea Signature Facial, in particular using the Fruit Renew range, is an essential at this time of year as it removes dead skin, stimulates the circulation bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the skin promoting radiance and softens the skin.
Follow these steps and you will have radiant winter skin!

Monday, 25 November 2013

Product Of The Week – Chocolate, Mint & Kukui Body Massage Crème

The first thing you will notice about this luxurious body crème is that it has the most beautiful aroma – just like the mint chocolate ice cream you ate while sitting on the Spanish Steps in Rome. Although it smells good enough to eat you must not, but what you can do is slather your entire body in it.

Chocolate, Mint & Kukui Body Massage Crème
This luxurious bodycrème contains a combination of Cocoa Butter and Peppermint making it smell and feel delicious. It is the perfect body crème for any skin type, and makes a perfect gift for that someone special this Christmas.

The key ingredients contained within this beautiful and velvety body crème are:
  • Menthol – this creates a cooling sensation and acts as a stimulant to the circulation to encourage oxygen and nutrients to the surface. Menthol will also tighten and tone the skin superficially.
  • Peppermint – like menthol will have a cooling effect, as well as a soothing action on the skin.
  • Cocoa Butter - Cocoa Butter actually comes from the vegetable fat of the cocoa bean, and is exceptionally moisturising and nourishing to the skin. It helps to lock in moisture and is perfect for those who suffer with eczema. It is so safe, that cocoa butter can be used on babies with dry skin. And as if all of that wasn’t enough Cocoa Butter is great for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy or reducing them after – as long as they are still pink - and cellulite! So if you use this all winter you will be cellulite free ready for your holidays by next summer.
  • Vitamin E – this is a powerful ingredient in skin care. It has an anti-oxidant effect and fights free radicals encouraging healthy cell renewal and stimulating the production of collagen and elastin which will tighten and firm the skin. This ingredient is also moisturising, soothing and anti-ageing.
Ideally, this cream should be applied daily after showering. It is recommended that you exfoliate the body at least 2-3 times a week to remove the dead skin making the body products you use more effective.

We have a fabulous Chocolate Body Gift Set for just £44.95 this Christmas – treat that someone special (or yourself) no one will be disappointed!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Read Anne's experiences of breast cancer

Dear Thea,
In 2007, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had five operations on the affected breast including a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. At the time my surgeon wanted to make adjustments to my other breast, to make them more symmetrical, but I wouldn't allow her to do it.

This year, I decided the time was right to have that done, and went ahead with the procedure. On this occasion, I had a really bad allergic reaction to the skin glue, and all sorts of subsequent problems with the waterproof dressings they were using. After five days my breast looked like a piece of raw meat, with huge red wealds and sores all over it. I said to the nurse that I looked like something out of a horror film. It was a real mess.
For the remainder of the period I had to have a dressing on they just taped dry gauze over it, and when that came off I still had the red wealds which had dried and gone flaky.

As soon as they gave me the go ahead I started to moisturise with Thea'sSuper Nourish Body Butter and within 4 days, the breast was almost clear again. I have continued using the product all over my body and my skin, for a 53 year old, is soft and glowing with the most wonderful luminosity. 

Thank you.

Anne Slater, Nottingham

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Beauty Hot Squad Lucky to test Thea Organic Enriched Skincare - Face Renew - natural skin brightening range

Skin Brightening Skin careNatural skin brightening at it's best this summer! 

Putting Thea's Face Renew to the test the beauty hot squad where not disappointed, reporting back that the products do really work, smell great and fruity and leave your skin glowing, even when straight out of bed.

In the report they talk about the regime and how they got the most out of the face renew products.  

Click here to read the review

Visit the Thea Skincare website now to get your hands on the starter kit. 

The starter kit is £27.95 from http://www.theaskincare.com/Skin-brightening

"They have a range of other skin care kits and I would highly recommend them! I will definitely be purchasing some of the other products :)"

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

It’s a boy….Pamper yourself and your new-born Prince or Princess

Natural and organic skincare brand Thea shows you how to relax after the arrival of your little one. With the hotly anticipated Royal Prince now upon us, why not treat yourself and your baby to a pampering session fit for a Prince or Princess.

Thea Baby Naturals is a range of natural & organic products that are truly sensitive to new born skin,  and there’s also some lovely pampering treats in the range for the mums too – this delightful smelling range contains Lavender Oil  to help encourage a good night’s sleep for you both.
A beautiful collection of six different Thea skincare products in a natural and reusable basket. Each product is lovingly made with the mildest organic and natural ingredients, meaning that each one is suitable for use during pregnancy, after birth and even on baby’s sensitive skin. Enriching ingredients such as Vitamin E and Shea Butter help soothe and moisturise the skin, whilst essential oils add subtle fragrances of Lavender and Chamomile.

All of the products included in the Thea Mother and Baby Naturals Starter Kit are 100% natural and 78% organic. Sulphate and paraben free.

Thea Mother and Baby Naturals Starter Kit contains - Aloe & Rosehip 2 in 1 Calming Bubble Bath & Baby Wash (100ml), The 2013, Green parent award winning Coconut and Lavender Soothing Top to Toe Baby Lotion (100ml),Jojoba and Chamomile 2 in 1 Baby Shampoo (100ml), Lavender and Meadowfoam Soothing Nappy Cream (50ml), Hip, Thigh & Tummy Beauty Butter (50ml), Ultra Soothing Foot Lotion (50ml).
Thea Skincare have received this great review for our
Thea Age Revival Dream Crème Facial Exfoliator

It talks about how we use anti-oxidants ingredients including Rooibos Tea and Pomegranate.

Read the review from. Alice Hart-Davis