Thursday, 29 September 2011

Thea's skincare steps for Natural Beauty this winter!

Keep your skin hydrated and nourished this winter with Thea Skincare's natural beauty products
Winter skincare - Thea's top tips

I am starting to see my skin getting dryer now that the weather is changing. Many people fall into a rut of using the same products all year round but it is important to recognise the fact that you'll need to treat your skin differently during the different seasons. Just like applying sunscreen in summer, winter also needs a specific skincare routine to protect it from the elements. I review the skincare products that I am using regularly to make sure I have healthy, protected skin throughout the autumn and winter months.

It is at this time of the year that I really start to pile on the moisturizer and use thicker creams all over my body. I always use a foot cream or foot lotion but over the past few weeks as my skin has become dryer I have started to use the Thea Skincare hand and body beauty butter. This cream is wonderfully rich without being greasy and is great for dry or very dry skin. I've used it all over but especially for dry skin patches such as elbows and knees that need a richer, deeper-penetrating moisturiser than other areas of the body.

Thea Skincare's 100% natural Super Nourish Body Butter for hand & body keeps skin soft, smooth and protected from the harsh winter weather

I love foaming face cleansers, especially the Rebalance Clarity Foaming Face Cleanser, which is one of my favourite products in the Thea Skincare collection. It's gentle and gives a really deep cleanse without drying your skin out like many of the chemical based foaming cleansers that I've used before. I still use a foaming cleanser at the moment but I have started to use a cream cleanser more frequently as my skin gets dryer.
Thea Skincare Age Revival Detox Face Cleanser is another favourite of mine. I call it the antioxidant 'power house', as it's loaded with fantastic age-defying natural antioxidants which make it a great anti-aging cleanser, plus it gives you a deep but gentle cleanse.

In the summer, I use a day moisturizer both during the night and the day but in winter I step up my game and use a thicker night cream such as the Aloe and Vitamin C Replenishing Face Crème to hydrate my skin over night and replenish it with much needed vitamins.

My favourite handy product that I carry everywhere is the Age Revival Uplifting Eye Cream. It soothes and penetrates the skin under and around my eyes with ease. I carry it around with me everywhere I go - day, night, holidays... Just like my lipstick, I would not be the same without it!
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