Thursday, 29 September 2011

Deluxe Vitamin Rich Skincare Range - For Dry Skin in Winter

The weather is getting colder and along with it our skin is getting drier. Naturally, our skin has a lipid layer near the surface that keeps moisture locked in but during the autumn and winter, harsh winds combined with indoor heating systems that dry out the air in your home deplete this lipid layer and leave your skin feeling dry and itchy. Short of buying an expensive humidifier to keep the air around you moist, there is plenty that you can do within your daily skincare routine to combat the cold weather and keep your skin summer fresh all year long.

The key is to stick to richer, thicker products that are specifically designed to pump back that lost moisture into your skin, as well as creating a protective barrier against any further water loss. Thea Skincare has developed a range of skincare products specifically designed to treat dry skin naturally - filled with natural, organic ingredients, Super Nourish is a range of luxurious face and body care products formulated to leave your skin soft, supple and silky-smooth.

Enriched with natural, botanical ingredients, Super Nourish captures the amazing, skin-moisturising properties that many plants and flowers hold and brings them together into a range of creams, scrubs and serums that are bursting full of vitamins and nutrients to give you gorgeous, glowing skin.


Start off with a cleanser that will replenish your skin at the same time as it strips away dirt and impurities - Thea Skincare Super Nourish Moisture Rich Facial Cleanser is the ideal choice for anyone with dry or very dry skin. It contains vitamins A, B and E which all help to protect and treat dry skin whilst also giving you a slight sunscreen factor of SPF 6 (and yes, you do need to wear SPF in winter too!). The matching Moisture Rich Facial Toner is rich in Vitamin C and will restore the pH balance of your skin.

Follow up with what is probably most important skincare products during the winter time - you'll need to use a rich, thick moisturiser to combat the dry air. For your face, try Thea Skincare Super Nourish Nutri-Rich Daytime Face Creme during the day and Super Nourish Softly Softly Day & Night Face Creme just before you go to bed - wild blueberry, cranberry, coconut and green clay make this the perfect overnight treatment for very dry and tired skin, meaning you'll wake up in the morning with skin that's feeling replenished and super smooth.

Finally, don't forget to moisturise your body too. Many women take great care of the skin on their face but neglect the rest of their body and this skin needs just as much TLC as the parts that are constantly on show. Dry indoor air caused by winter heating will affect your entire body so a luxurious, deeply-penetrating body moisturiser such as Thea Skincare Super Nourish Deluxe Beautiful Body Creme is essential for soft, healthy-looking skin all over.

5 stars - "It was deliciously rich and soaked right into my skin. I was amazed within a few days most of my dry patches had gone and my skin was visibly smoother. I'm addicted to this now" (Ruby, Nottingham)

5 stars - "It’s rich but soft and penetrates my skin so easily without leaving a sticky feeling. I just love it" (Vida, Leeds)

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