Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Skin Brightening, the Natural Way

Skin Brightening the Natural Way, by Thea

One of my favourite products within the Thea Skincare collection is the Face Renew System fruit enzyme range. The name itself says what these products do - they literally renew the skin cells to produce a brighter, more even skin tone!

I love this range of products not only because they have a wonderful, fresh, light citrus smell, but because  they make my skin feel and look amazing each and every time I have a skin brightening facial using them.

I hadn't had a professional facial for several weeks, so last Saturday I treated myself to one at my local salon that used the Face Renew Fruit Enzyme range.

My facial treat started with a double cleanse using the Face Renew System skin brightening cleanser, a light but penetrating facial cleanser that removes all traces of impurities from the face and neck.  

After the cleansing came a wonderful exfoliation, and I could almost taste the fruits in the product! This cocktail of smells permeated the air with exotic fragrances of lime, lemon, orange, mandarin , mango and papaya - a real treat for my senses as well as my skin!

I then had a steam treatment with the Green Algae and Comfrey Detox Clay Mask which was just bliss - the mask was just the right firmness and I could feel the ingredients really soaking into my skin when the steam was applied.

After the mask, I had a wonderful and very relaxing face, shoulders and neck massage with the Thea Skincare Facial Therapy massage oil. It glided over my face and was super gentle on my skin.

Then finally, the application of the Face Renew Fruit Enzyme skin brightening moisturiser, a light and easily absorbed moisturiser with a gorgeous, refreshing smell.

That was it - I was fit for the Jubilee weekend and my skin looked clear, bright and evenly toned!

Thea x


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