Thursday, 22 December 2011

Why Exfoliate? The Benefits of Exfoliation

Regular exfoliation keeps your skin healthy and glowing, regardless of skin type
Almost everyone knows to cleanse, tone and moisturise, but did you know that all of that could be going to waste if you're not also exfoliating regularly? From dry skin to oily skin and everything in between, everyone should use a gentle but effective exfoliator at least once a week - more often if you have oily skin - to remove dead skin cells and to allow your moisturiser to penetrate deeper into the skin for a truly hydrated, healthy complexion.

Why Do I Need To Exfoliate?
Your skin is made up of many layers which, right from birth, are constantly renewing and replacing themselves with fresh, new skin cells. A newborn's skin has a complete turnover time of around one week with old skin cells shedding easily, usually during bathtime. However as we age this process slows down and the longer the outer layers stay on the surface of our skin, the more firmly stuck together they become so that a simple bath or shower is no longer enough to get rid of them.

The average woman can have around thirty layers of dead skin cells on her face, some of which are good to have as they protect the newer skin cells inside from pollutants and UVA rays. However, too many layers of dead skin cells will also trap dirt and oil, cause an uneven texture (dry in some areas and oily in others), cause acne and spots, give the skin a duller appearance and lead to an uneven skin tone when dead skin cells are damaged by UVA rays, creating darker patches.

What Does Exfoliation Do?
Your skin naturally exfoliates itself but often needs a helping hand - manual exfoliators such as a gentle face scrub work to remove the top layers of dead skin cells, leaving you with a brighter and clearer complexion.

Regular exfoliation will...
  • lead to a less oily complexion and hence greatly reduce skincare problems such as acne and spots
  • treat dry or flaky skin for a smoother, more hydrated complexion
  • even out skin tone and reduce dark pigementation spots
  • balance out combination skin, such as an oily T-zone, for an all-over perfect complexion
  • make your skin look brighter, younger and healthier
Depending on your skin type you will need to exfoliate more or less - those with oily skin typically need to exfoliate more often than those with dry skin. Masks and peels work best after an exfoliator as they can reach into the pores more effectively.

Which Exfoliators Should I Avoid?
Painful scrubs containing large, rough granules should be avoided as they will only scratch and inflame the skin. Any harsh chemicals should also be avoided. Instead, opt for mild, natural exfoliators that contain sugar or salt to gently polish away dead skin cells. Ingredients such as fruit enzymes, Vitamin C and jojoba have added exfoliation benefits such as skin-brightening and protection from free radicals in the environment.

The Best 100% Natural Exfoliators
For natural, organic exfoliation, look no further than Thea Skincare. We have developed a wide range of exfoliators for different skin types so whether you have dry skin, oily skin, mature skin or dull skin, there's an exfoliator that's perfectly suited to your needs.

Find the best face exfoliator and body exfoliator for your skin type below...

For mature skin, the Thea Skincare Age Revival Dream Crème Exfoliator uses gentle jojoba beads and a rich blend of anti-aging ingredients to reveal a brighter, more youthful glow.
For dull skin, the Thea Skincare Face Renew System Fruit Enzyme Crème Exfoliator uses natural fruit enzymes and gentle jojoba beads to polish away dead skin cells and reveal a perfect, even skin tone that looks bright and beautiful!
For dry skin, the Thea Skincare Super Nourish Super Hydration Face Exfoliant both removes dead skin cells and deeply moisturises the new skin cells below with a rich blend of oils and vitamins.
For oily skin, acne and spots, the Thea Skincare Rebalance Clarity Crème Face Exfoliator will clarify and renew the skin, removing dead skin cells so that oil and dirt does not build up and lead to breakouts.

Exfoliators For The Body
The skin on your body needs just as much care and attention as the skin on your face! The anti-acne Fruit & Spice Purifying Body Scrub is perfect for sufferers of acne, spots and problem skin on the body. Dull skin can be treated with our luxurious Walnut & Chamomile Body Glow Polish that uses powdered walnut shell to refresh and brighten the skin. However for the ultimate, indulgent treat nothing beats the Lavender Soufflé Body Scrub which smooths and brightens dry skin whilst pumpings essential nutrients and oils back into the skin.

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