Saturday, 17 December 2011

Jojoba - The Ultimate Deeply Moisturising Skincare Ingredient

Jojoba has a host of natural benefits for the skin, including its deeply moisturising and hydrating properties

Speaking with many health and beauty bloggers and Thea Skincare customers, it has become obvious that dry skin is the number one skincare problem in the cold, winter months. The harsh weather combined with the constant temperature change that your skin is put through when you move indoors and outdoors has a tendency to deplete your skin's natural sebum layer, resulting in rougher, dryer skin that is more prone to cracking and becoming sore. Even those who normally suffer from oily skin have told me that they have problems with very dry skin and eczema in December, January and February, so it is important to regularly update your skincare regime throughout the year (and throughout your life) to keep up with your skin's constantly changing needs and requirements.

To treat dry skin and eczema, there isn't much that works better than natural and organic jojoba oil. Jojoba is a shrub-like plant that grows in various regions of America and Mexico. Also known as wild hazel and coffeeberry, the jojoba nut is made up of more than 50% oil. This rare oil is far more similar to human sebum - the natural substance that our skin produces to keep itself hydrated and smoothed - than most other plant oils, meaning that jojoba oil is able to mimic our skin's natural sebum levels for a perfect, smooth complexion.

As well as balancing sebum levels, jojoba oil also locks water into the pores to reduce the drying effect that artificial, indoor heating has on the skin, keeping it plumped and richly nourished at all times. Even better, jojoba oil is unique in that it never goes rancid, making it the perfect, long-lasting base for natural and organic skincare products because it eliminates the need for cheap, chemical preservatives that are found in the majority of high-street skincare brands.

To deeply moisturise and hydrate your skin this winter,
check out our top picks below for rich, nourishing skincare products that are packed full of organic jojoba and other natural oils:

Coconut & Jojoba Hand Nourishing Crème, £9.95
Keep hands soft, smooth and protected this winter with this rich blend of oils, herbs and vitamins. Perfect for dry hands, cracked knuckles and weak nails.

Super Nourish Nutri-Rich Face Serum, £32.95
This highly-concentrated blend of jojoba oil, carrot oil, aloe juice, Rooibos tea and more works as both a powerful antioxidant to protect the skin from free radicals and as an unashamedly rich and hydrating moisturiser to minimise fine lines, wrinkles and dry patches.

Super Nourish Plump & Define Lip Crème, £7.95
For lips in need of some TLC, nothing works better than this deeply hydrating and plumping lip cream, containing a scientifically-formulated blend of natural and organic oils plus natural Hyaluronic Acid and age-defying DMAE for soft, full, youthful lips at any age.

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