Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Wonders of Neem Oil.... A Natural Beauty Skincare Ingredient from The East

Neem Oil is a rare but potent ingredient that treats acne and spots as well as quenching dry skin!

Unless you’re a student of Ayurvedic medicine or have been to India or Bangladesh, you’ve likely never heard of Neem.

When I was researching ingredients for Thea Skincare products it was a revelation to me to learn that in India the Neem Tree is know as the 'Village Pharmacy' or the 'Tree of 40 cures', not to mention the fact that it has a 4000-year history with many traditional uses for dealing with different skin conditions such as Psoriasis, itchiness, irritated skin and to Treat Acne and Spots.

Neem Oil in India is like Shea and Cocoa Butter in Africa and the Caribbean -  it is definitely one of the new generations of natural skincare ingredients. It is an excellent moisturiser, high in Vitamin E and rich in emollients and fatty acids. It works well to address cracked, stressed or damaged skin and unlike petroleum-based based ingredients it actually helps to restore the skins natural elasticity.

Neem Oil is one of the most most under-utilised skincare ingredients in the West - this 'wonder oil' is a must-have in the skincare products of the future and fortunately it is already found in many Thea Skincare products.

Its natural anti-bacterial properties that are also found in herbs such as aloe vera and tea tree fight spots, reduce the swelling and redness of conditions such as acne, plus can also help to promote a healthy skin condition and an even skin tone. Thea Skincare Fruit and Spice Purifying Body Scrub contains a cocktail of spot-fighting ingredients including Neem Oil as one of the main ingredients.

Neem Oil is also perfect for dry skin as found in the Thea Skincare Aloe and Vitamin C Replenishing Face Cream which contains this fantastic, rejuvenating and nourishing natural skincare ingredient for soft, smooth and supple skin all year round.

So look out for Neem Oil - it is going to be talked about and used in many more skincare products for the future!

Thea x

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