Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Thea tells you how to look after Combination Skin

Natural Harmony by Thea Skincare is the ideal organic skincare range for anyone with oily / combination skin
The typical 'oily T-zone' is one of the most common skincare problems, so it is vital to always use pH balanced skincare products that match the natural pH of the skin and reduce this problem.

Addressing Combination Skin is tricky yet vita,l as you have to reduce the amount of excess oil in the key T-Zone areas (typically found around the T-shaped forehead, nose and chin area, hence the name) whilst at the same time nourishing the normal/dry areas of the skin without drying them out.

The Rebalance Clarity Foaming Face Cleanser by Thea Skincare is an excellent but gentle foaming face cleanser that is mild enough for sensitive skin. It has a special blend of pure essential oils to combat Oily / Combination Skin as well as natural foaming ingredients from Coconut and Palm oils to address the T-Zone whilst simultaneously moisturising the skin.

Other great product lines are Thea's Natural Harmony Range, our main range for Normal and Combination skin. It is also excellent for sensitive and sun-damaged skin. The range offers a mild cream cleanser with a complementary moisturiser which, combined with the Rebalance Calming Facial Toner, make up the idea skincare trio for Normal and Combination Skin.

If you're looking for a salon quality, high performance range then the Face Renew Fruit Enzyme Range is a revolutionary performance system that is perfectly suited to all skin types. It has multiple skin care properties, gently exfoliating the skin to brighten it whilst enhancing elasticity to help to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and premature signs of aging. Unsurprisingly, this one of our most popular product lines!

Thea Skincare's Rebalance range effectively treats oily skin

Thea's Top 6 Tips To Treat Combination Skin 
Use Natural and Organic Skincare products without chemicals to provide a better nourishment for your skin. 
Use a foaming cleanser in the morning to remove overnight dirt and waste and to refresh the skin. I would also recommend that a mild cream cleanser is used such at night and a mild, nourishing mositursier with skin-balancing essential oils. 
ALWAYS cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day. Cleanse to remove dirt and toxins, tone to close and tighten pores and moisture to nourish and feed the skin. It should only take 5 minutes but it will improve your skin in no time. A basic skin care routine is essential for health looking skin!
 Exfoliate using a mild facial exfoliator such as Thea Skincare Age Revival Dream CremeExfoliator to penetrate deeper into the skin and get rid of those old, dead cells so that your cleanser and moisturiser can penetrate deep into the skin and have a more beneficial effect, making it smoother and brighter. 
Treat yourself to a monthly facial or do a home facial once a month with Thea's revolutionary, high-performance, multi-fruit Face Renew Fruit Enzyme System with multi-faceted skin care properties to exfoliate, brighten, rejuvenate and nourish the skin all at the same time.

Drink a glass of warm water first thing in the morning and before bed - squeeze in half a lemon to detox the skin and get rid of skin-aging toxins, detoxing your body from the inside!

Thea x

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