Monday, 10 October 2011

The Best Moisturiser to Treat Acne and Get Rid of Spots

Thea Skincare Rebalance Clarity Creme Face Moisturiser, £22.95 (plus FREE gift when you spend £25 or more!)

Acne and spots are often caused by oily skin (which is itself caused by overactive sebaceous glands) and so many sufferers will avoid using moisturisers, thinking that this is only going to make their oily skin even worse. In fact, the opposite is true - if you use over-drying, anti-acne products and don't moisturise then your skin will get too dry and your sebaceous glands will start to produce even more oil to compensate, aggravating rather than helping the problem.

The trick is to find the right moisturiser for your skin - very rich moisturisers are best suited to dry, not oily, skin and any skincare products that contain chemicals may upset delicate or sensitive skin, causing problems such as break outs. Natural, chemical-free skincare products that have been created especially for acne-prone skin are therefore the best choice.

The Rebalance range by Thea Skincare is a collection of skincare products specifically designed to target acne-prone, spot-prone and oily skin to give you a clear, beautiful complexion without upsetting your skin's natural balance. All products are PH balanced and are 100% chemical free to be mild on sensitive or delicate skin, meaning that they won't cause any new spots whilst they're treating the current ones!

The Clarity Creme Face Moisturiser by Thea Skincare is quite simply the perfect moisturiser for acne and oily skin. Specially formulated to purify and rebalance oily skin, it is deeply nourishing and contains a mixture of essential oils found to balance sebum levels and reduce spots.

The Thea Skincare Clarity Creme Face Moituriser contains a blend of Tea Tree which is a popular anti-acne product due to its anti-bacterial properties, Organic Jojoba Oil to balance sebum levels and clear the pores, Organic Shea Butter to deeply moisturise whilst controlling shine, Roman Chamomile Essential Oil to reduce inflammation and plenty more natural, organic, skin-enhancing ingredients!

Spend over £25 on products in the Thea Skincare Anti-Acne Range and receive a FREE Acne and Spot Free Organic Booster Treatment worth £9.95!

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