Thursday, 23 January 2014

 Thea's Winter Skincare Tips 

During the winter period we need to take extra care to protect our skin and to maintain a healthy complexion. 

The winter season can be very harsh on our skin – it gets damp, windy and colder outside, the central heating is put on in our homes and offices and all of these factors can lead to redness, fine lines, dryness and irritation. 

There is also considerably less sunlight meaning that our bodies are producing less Vitamin D leaving our skin looking tired and dull.

Thea Face Renew Skin Brightening Range

Here are a few tips and advice to help keep your skin radiant and supple during the winter months:
  • Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise day and night. If you wear heavy make up cleanse twice before toning to ensure all make up has been removed.
  • Ensure you use a cream cleanser as the richer texture will leave the skin soft – do not use soap as the pH level of soap is not in synergy with the pH of your skin so will lead to further drying and dehydration.
  • Change your moisturiser for the winter months – use something that is richer in texture and contains ingredients such as Vitamin C for radiance and Shea Butter to moisturise.
  • Opt for a different night cream to the one you use in the day. Night creams are richer by nature and can be more intensive for the skin, this is because at night the skin is not exposed to the elements and no make up is applied on top so the moisturiser can really work effectively.
  • Exfoliate 2x a week to remove dead skin and increase cell renewal. Exfoliating will make any products you use on your skin more effective because it constantly removing the dead skin so your product is always working on new, fresh skin.
  • Make sure you always follow your exfoliation with a facial mask to further cleanse and moisturise the fresh skin.
  • Drink lots of water – too much caffeine will dehydrate the skin further.
  • Increase the Fruit & Vegetables within your diet, not only is this good for your health it is good for the health of your skin due to their high concentration of vitamins and water.
  • Have regular facials – Thea Signature Facial, in particular using the Fruit Renew range, is an essential at this time of year as it removes dead skin, stimulates the circulation bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the skin promoting radiance and softens the skin.
Follow these steps and you will have radiant winter skin!

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