Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Top 6 Tips for Treating Dry Skin During Winter

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Please check out our latest article on Ezines, Top 6 Tips for Treating Dry Skin During Winter.

There's always been a debate in both the medical and beauty industries about what causes dry skin and how to treat it along with discussions about the best skincare products on the market.



  1. I like your Top 6 Tips for Treating Dry Skin During Winter.These are very important tips for my skin.
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  2. Really nice tips..Slather on lotion and facial moisturizer to help reduce and prevent redness and itching. Moisturizers can also help soothe and heal psoriasis patches so make sure to use a moisturizer right after taking a bath. It's also a good idea to use moisturizing soaps before using a rich lotion to keep your skin well hydrated. Make sure to buy fragrance free moisturizers as heavily fragranced products can irritate your sensitive skin.

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