Thursday, 15 March 2012

I have oily skin and spots - what do I do?

I receive many requests for help with acne and oily skin, a few of the common ones include questions such as...

What should I use on my skin?
What can I do to stop spots?
Why do I get spots?
How should I treat spots?

The list of questions is endless! In short, there are so many reasons why people get spots such as hormonal changes, diet, a poor skincare routine and much more. Here are a few simple facts on what causes spots, and things that you can do to help to get rid of both spots and oily skin.

Your skin is naturally acidic as it has a protective acid mantle on its surface, so you should use oily skin care products that are pH balanced.

All Thea Skincare products are not only Paraben free but also pH balanced to be in tune with your skin's normal acid levels. Using skincare products that are too alkaline can damage the skin's natural acid mantle and may lead to oily skin and spots.

If you suffer from acne, oily or spot prone skin use a gentle, natural foaming cleanser for oily skin such as our Rebalance Clarity Foaming Facial Cleanser which is mild on the skin but still gives a deep, purifying clean.

A moisturiser for oily skin is essential to reduce spots

Always use an oily skin toner - toners remove excess cleanser from the skin after you have rinsed most of it off, and help to keep the pores clean and tight, making it harder for impurities to get in. The Thea Clarity Calming Facial Toner is gentle with no stinging sensation, and is effective at helping to keep oily skin at bay.

Exfoliators are great for giving a deeper clean and for removing dead skin from the face, which can otherwise cause premature ageing. For acne, oily and spot prone skin use a gentle face exfoliator such as our Thea Clarity Crème Face Exfoliator . Do not use harsh scrubs on the face, as it just worsens the problem by irritating the skin. Use a gentle exfoliator instead with natural, exfoliating ingredients to help to remove excess oil under the epidermis.

Finally, always use a moisturiser - having oily skin does not mean that you do not need to nourish and treat your skin. Moisturisers help the skin's oil balance and a natural and organic cream for oily skin such as the Thea Clarity Crème Face Moisturiser will do just that, helping to stop the over-production of oil which is one of the main causes of oily and acne prone skin.

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