Friday, 15 June 2012

A Real Combination... Dry and Oily Skin Together?

For as long as I can remember I've always had what is referred to as combination skin.

I have the typical T-zone with oily sections on my forehead, nose area and chin, but with dryness on my cheeks and around my jawline.

One of the reasons I created  the combination skin products range is that I suffered from using products that caused excessive dryness and at the same time they made the oily areas of my skin even oilier! I learned a long time ago that using natural skincare products that were pH balanced were the best thing to balance out my T-zone problem.

I also realised from my younger days as a teenager that I had to avoid any skincare products with alcohol because that just played havoc with my skin and brought me out in spots.

I have always loved using a foaming cleansers - I love the idea of washing your face with a cleanser that creates a soft foam without causing any dryness of the skin...

So, one of my favourite products in the Thea Skincare range is the Rebalance Clarity Foaming Facial Cleanser - it's one of our best sellers and I know why! Its gentle foaming action and special blend of essential oils combine together to form one of the best facial cleansers I have ever used.

I prefer to use a rich face cream rather than a thin moisturiser on my face, and I like one with just a hint of a scent. I just love the Age Revival Uplifting Face Cream and uplifting is exactly what it does as it plumps and lifts the cheeks in a very subtle but defining way.

Now that the summer is upon us I am starting to step up my skincare routine. I now use an exfoliator 2-3 times a week to refresh my skin and get rid of the dead skin cells that a typical cleanser cannot budge. 

The Thea Age Revival Dream Cream Exfoliator is what it says on the tin, it's a dream. It has dual properties in that it removes dead skin and nourishes dry skin on the face at the same time. It truly works wonders and it is a dream experience using it.

Having used many chemical based skincare products myself in the past for many years, I now realise the value and importance of eliminating toxins from your skin. I know the importance and benefits of using good quality natural and organic skincare products for good skin health, and to avoid premature ageing!

Thea x

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Are Beauty Salons Ready to Embrace Natural, Organic Skincare?

For many years, I never really questioned what my regular skincare products contained. I never looked at the ingredients, I just based my judgement on whether it was good or bad depending on how my skin looked and felt immediately after using the product.

I have over the years spent a small fortune in beauty salons and department stores on the latest expensive skincare products, thinking they was the best you could get without ever bothering to question what they were actually made of.

That was, until 2008 when I  first went to Africa and discovered a whole new world of natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, Palm Oil, Avocado, Papaya and Mango to name but a few! I learned so much about natural skincare ingredients and the amazing benefits that they can have for your skin.

Earlier that year a close friend of mine died of cancer and I came across articles that, although inconclusive, seemed in indicate that some potentially harmful ingredients such as Parabens that are found in most skin and hair care products could be linked to cancer.

So I embarked on what has now become my passion and produced Thea Skincare, a totally Paraben- and chemical-free skincare line with a cocktail of exotic, natural ingredients.

I also started to listen to my mother when she said that when she grew up her family used pure coconut oil for her hair and as a moisturiser for her body. My mother also told me that in her family they all used Aloe Vera  from their garden to protect their skin from the sun and as a shampoo and conditioner.

Some years later, I now only use totally chemical and paraben free skincare products. When I visit my local salon for my monthly facial I use Thea Skincare products, and if I'm not at home or traveling around I take my own kit rather than use any chemical skincare. 

I've been told that for my age my skin is great, but for me it's simple - why put toxins on your skin and why feed it with products packed full of harmful ingredients when there are safer natural alternatives?

Thea Skincare offers a range of professional salon skincare for any sized salon, big or small, so it's a great opportunity to 'go green' and offer you clients a natural, ethical skincare alternative.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

10% Off Natural Skincare for Men

There are 10 days left until Father's Day, so if you haven't got him a present yet why not show him you care with a 100% natural skincare set for men?

Not only are our products totally safe to use, without any of the chemicals, Parabens and other synthetic ingredients found in many high-street brands, but they're also wonderfully luxurious and perfectly presented for gift-giving!

Even better, we're giving you 10% off our entire skincare for men range until Father's Day on the 17th of June! Simply enter code Lovedad12 at checkout to redeem.

Our top pick? The Men's Shaving Duo that contains two pots of Tropical Calm Shaving Cream and a bottle of Soothing Aftershave Detox Balm, all wrapped up in a re-useable metal tin that's perfect for storing small tools or screws in afterwards!

"My wife bought me this because she really likes Thea products and I have to admit to using her moisturizer sometimes! This kit has manly scents, fresh and earthy. I have sensitive skin and get shaving rash normally, but these products have cleared it up and my skin feels really good." Tim (Wells)

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Skin Brightening, the Natural Way

Skin Brightening the Natural Way, by Thea

One of my favourite products within the Thea Skincare collection is the Face Renew System fruit enzyme range. The name itself says what these products do - they literally renew the skin cells to produce a brighter, more even skin tone!

I love this range of products not only because they have a wonderful, fresh, light citrus smell, but because  they make my skin feel and look amazing each and every time I have a skin brightening facial using them.

I hadn't had a professional facial for several weeks, so last Saturday I treated myself to one at my local salon that used the Face Renew Fruit Enzyme range.

My facial treat started with a double cleanse using the Face Renew System skin brightening cleanser, a light but penetrating facial cleanser that removes all traces of impurities from the face and neck.  

After the cleansing came a wonderful exfoliation, and I could almost taste the fruits in the product! This cocktail of smells permeated the air with exotic fragrances of lime, lemon, orange, mandarin , mango and papaya - a real treat for my senses as well as my skin!

I then had a steam treatment with the Green Algae and Comfrey Detox Clay Mask which was just bliss - the mask was just the right firmness and I could feel the ingredients really soaking into my skin when the steam was applied.

After the mask, I had a wonderful and very relaxing face, shoulders and neck massage with the Thea Skincare Facial Therapy massage oil. It glided over my face and was super gentle on my skin.

Then finally, the application of the Face Renew Fruit Enzyme skin brightening moisturiser, a light and easily absorbed moisturiser with a gorgeous, refreshing smell.

That was it - I was fit for the Jubilee weekend and my skin looked clear, bright and evenly toned!

Thea x


Try out my Thea Skincare Face Renew System range for yourself with the 4-piece starter kit that contains all you need for bright, beautiful skin - I'm currently giving one away on this blog, click here to find out how you can enter!

COMPETITION! Win a 100% natural skin brightening skincare kit


As we age, our skin loses the bright and healthy glow it had when we were born and starts to look more and more dull. This is caused by a slowing down of the rate at which the skin replenishes itself, shedding dead skin cells and producing fresh, new ones. At birth, our entire skin replaces itself with healthy, new cells every week, by your twenties that's down to every 15-20 days and by your thirties it's closer to once a month.

Our 100% natural Face Renew System is a skin brightening range that has been scientifically formulated with a blend of natural fruit enzymes to combat this problem, gently breaking down the layer of dead cells on the skin's surface so that they can be cleansed away, revealing more radiant, younger-looking skin below!

The great thing about our skin brightening creams, cleansers and exfoliators is that they give instant results - perfect when you have a big event to go to and no time to book a last-minute facial at a salon! Our Face Renew System starter set contains 4 products from our skin brightening range so you can have your own luxurious, spa-style facial in your own home.


We're giving away one of our 100% natural, organic skin brightening starter sets to a lucky fan of Thea Skincare! The kit contains a 15ml exfoliator, 30ml cleanser, 50ml toner and 15ml moisturiser, all stylishly presented in a gift box with a big, purple bow.

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